Anyone play Killer Instinct anymore?

Like on MAME 32k

Ok I feel really bad about doing this in someone else’s thread, but… has anyone gotten KI2 working with MAME? I was going to make a thread in hardware but I guess someone who reads this thread is likely to know. I have the .chd image file that is required, and the rom, and I arranged and named the folders exactly as I had read after checking many google results. It keeps saying one of the files is the “wrong length” when I audit the games. Any help? (without breaking the rules)

Sorry though, can’t contribute anything else right now. I suck at all KIs.

Combo Breaker raped Killer Instinct.

  1. Do NOT discuss anything illegal. This includes hacked roms, mod chips, pirated games, etc. Also talking about where or how to do it, is also prohibited. Those threads WILL be closed without notice, and/or the violator may be banned.


Bleh! Didn’t seem like I was asking something that hasn’t been discussed before, just some tech help like the same stuff in the Kaillera beginner’s thread. I don’t want to know where to obtain roms and the like.

Can I at least get some clarification from a mod before I delete that post?

I still play KI/KI2, but I play using Ultra64 PE Build 3.11

i too suck at KI’s and can’t get it to work for Mame, I LIKE THE GAME THOUGH.(that wasn’t meant to be caps lol)

The Kaillera/whatever matchmaking boards are more suited to emulator issues. So this will be moved there.

I still play KI on my legally owned SNES. And i still get my ass kicked by my friend too. I thought after a couple of years of him not playing, id have the tops. But he still handles me.

LOl, once i KI pro, always a KI pro. When is rare gonna stop make’n bs games and bless us with a 3rd?

Onyx…I will own you in some KI!!!

I’ll own you all in KI. :wink:

Anyway, U64 Platinum Edition is the emulator of choice for KI arcade, but if you have a fast computer, then MAME32 will work even better (less emulator-based bugs). For playin KI arcade online, you need some MAMEhk thing, but unless you have very good internet + a very good computer, it’s gonna run extremely slow and desynch A LOT, which is very annoyin. I won’t go into anymore detail about this cause I don’t wanna risk gettin banned (emulation-talk is very touchy here). The SNES version is better than the arcade anyway. :wgrin:

Pro? kimo_kata, get your friend to play online, and I’ll see just how good he is. :rolleyes:

Shadowstep, askin where to download a ROM will get you banned for sure… :looney:

LOL u prolly will i cant switch fighting games and keep the skill level up 2 par <<<< scrub

LOl i dunno the kid he was talking about, i was just say’n, if he’s still kick’n ur ass after all these years… u get the picture.
But i can tell that ur a KI Junkie from ur name… Why didnt ne 1 like KI2?? Sure teh characters look like plastic and they took out the after character selct CG openings, but the added super moves and made the game less " rock paper scissor" ish.:wonder:

ROFL @ KI junkie. Anyway, KI was pretty flawed and buggy gameplay-wise (the turtlin became excessive, and the offensive was EXTREMELY risky due to almost no blockstun), but the gameplay was still superior to that of KI2’s. And KI2 didn’t have that same charm, either.

I prefer ki 2. I only play it on U64 PE. I can’t get it to work on mame. And it seems all those Mamer users don’t want to offer help on how they got it to work…

I play Martimelee :sweat: and I gesse ppl will make fun of me
if I create a game on a server :confused:
but if any1 wants to play let’s go :arazz:

stop asking -fb

I used to have Killer Instinct on MAME32k, but I forgot how I did it, because I can’t get it to work anymore… :rofl:

I still play it once in a while:nunchuck:
MAME goes too slow for me…(hope i dont get banned for saying that!):wonder:

RICHY, I never knew you go to srk. :lol:

i just joined haha :lol: