Anyone play Killer Instinct anymore?

-=Killer Instinct PRO=-

I own a copy of MAME Houba32k and have Ki1 Working properly… just cant find any1 to play online with… lol

let me know if any1 wanna play online…

AIm = BHencetotozo

I hope you remember the matches we had last night - had ya fightin for your life. :wink: Hopefully you will practice KI snes more, though, as I can see that you bein entirely an arcade player, playin KI snes for the first time must feel real akward for you.

I haven’t played KI in years, really. I haven’t tried it on MAME32k, either. I’d be down to playing with anyone that’s interested, though.


Have I ever played you in PIM?

im on zbattle at the moment if any1 wants a game. i have not played Killer Instinct in years and would like to get back into it.

any1 intrested

I just got my ZBattle working, so I’m good to go.


Put the .chd file inside KI2’s zip file.(

ive seen people play K.I online either Mame - not 32k but some other weird 1.
but rather play it on snes , easy to get and stuff too.

HKMAME. Playin online is not worth the hassle, though. It often tends to be very laggy/slow, and desynchs frequently. KI SNES and zbattle >>>>> KI Arcade and Kaillera.

Thanks, but when I do that it gives an error saying “The Compressed (zipped) Folder is invalid or corrupt,” but it still continues copying. After that’s all done I audit the games and I get the same error I always get, which is that the .chd is the wrong length.

Ah fuck it, I guess I’ll just try out another emulator later on. Stupid KI!