Anyone play Mace the Dark Age?

Just wondering if anyone here plays Mace the Dark Age for P64k,if so pm me so we can hook up.

yeah i play, but haven’t touched the game in a very very long time. Pretty much everyone has the same generic inf. in the game as long as their attack is quick enough. Combo into a knock down, otg, then quickslashxN. On stages with a slope takeshi can keep doing his tap punch repeatedly. there’s alot more shit and all characters have various setups, just can’t remember them all since it’s been a while that i’ve played.

WOW talk about taking it back lolz

Lol, looking back, it’s a pretty shitty game, but I remember wanting it really bad when I was younger.
Still, I suppose it’s the only fighting game with a magical chicken in it, and that has to count for something.

It really isn’t a bad game. Decent music, awesome character designs, combo system was ok also dial-a-combo with a mix of the SF style buffer system and you can do links when the opponent wakes up. The only bad thing about the game are the infs.