Anyone play on a PC monitor?


I’m considering purchasing a console to play marvel. I don’t have a tv, but I have a spare 16:9 monitor I could use. If anyone uses this setup, can you tell me your experience and if you’ve had any problems. Also, if my monitor doesn’t have built-in speakers, will I need to buy speakers? Or is there a way to run the sound through my pc so I can use headphones?


the other think i can tell you that if you can find a vga adapter that end with a hdmi or the rca. but if you go with the hdmi you have to get the sound off ur rca to ur pc speakers/surround sound system.


There are a few solutions
If you’re in XBOX, you can use one of the first/third party VGA cables. These cables have RCA ends for audio which you can put an RCA to 3.5mm Female audio adapter. You can then in turn hook it up to speakers or your own headphones.
If you’re on PS3, you can use an HDMI/VGA or HDMI/DVI converter to you rmonitor. I’m not sure if HDCP will be an issue, but to access the audio, use the provided cable and split the audio to that and video somewhere else.


Most of the decent HDMI monitors I’ve seen lately have had an 1/8" audio-out port (and even a pass-through port) on the back of the monitor – this gives you stereo audio from your HDMI feed. You can use this with speakers or headphones, though you’ll likely need a pair of headphones with level controls (and I mean an analogue volume knob, not like iPod earbud controls or something). I’ve done this in a pinch on my Dell monitor; works great.

If your 'phones don’t have volume control, and the level’s too loud (the more likely case; you’re sending line-level audio into them), you could just grab a cheap headphone amplifier or something. Assuming the monitor doesn’t have output level control, of course (don’t know if any do).

Best of luck!


You can use an HDPro box too.
I don’t know that they sell them anymore, but I have one… You hook up component cables to it, and it outputs VGA. I used to use it for 3S when I didn’t have a TV.