Anyone play on PC?



Hey guys, I am new to the forum, as well as playing SF in general. I got SFIV about six months ago, and after playing all the characters, I found that I did best with Rose. Obviously, I am not that good, having only been playing here about four months, and maybe barely pushing 1000 fights, I was wondering if any of you better Roses play vanilla SFIV on PC? Or do you think that I should just spend the money and try to get SSFIV AE? I am guessing the PC playerbase there is larger. I have never played a better rose than myself, (except when I was even worse) and that is saying a lot since I am so bad. I would really like to play a better one.


No online vanilla anymore iirc, you’re better off getting AE PC if online comp is what you want.


This is an old thread now, but I have been playing AE for a bit now and it rocks! I get some lag often but I guess everyone does; better than vanilla though. Still not too many roses though. Did meet one that was good, beat my Dictator alt… :slight_smile: I noticed he did a lot of combos into ex-spiral, and I was wondering if that was a practical use of meter? I suppose so, considering as reversals, ex-spirals are not that good.


Against Dictator I always want to do as much damage as I can. Generally I find the match in his favor (not by much though). I play on PC, but not that often because I can only run AE at 60fps. I get a bit of input lag, but the online connection is much better than PS3. I’m GFWL account is RaasuX


I’m on the extreme west coast (Alaska), so if you’re somewhere near it, I’m AKG lockdown.

My main is Akuma though.


I am in Texas, so that is kinda far I reckon. I have been doing lots of matchups, I find her quite good against grabby giefs, OS U1 rules. :slight_smile:

I do need Akuma practice though, I pretty much auto lose to him…


I do, if you can handle the connection from England


We could try it sometime, my GFWL id is SirDivad as well, do you have any time when you are on? Probably our time zone difference could be trouble :slight_smile: I am usually on in the mornings, like 10:00 US Central Time.