Anyone Play on XBL?

I just bought 3S yesterday and would like to play some online matches. Does anyone still play on XBL or has everyone moved over to GGPO?

i do, add me, (uhnfunny) xbl360 :rolleyes:

Strategy sections are supposed to help people improve, while playing the kind of people left on there would make you even worse. I’d be surprised if there was a single legit player on XBL. Not even good, just legit.

maybe hes been playing for a while and he bought it cause he wanted to play online?

You should check out GGPO if you want to play 3rd strike online, best online experience for the game right there.

i do.POParazzi456

i DLed GGPO so what now?

i don’t think anyone who has been playing for a while still holds the misconception that playing 3s on xbox live is worth their time or money

add me, i got it in the other day and have been itching to play people online!