Anyone play StreetFighter Near Riverside?


Looking for some people who play, Getting a stick soon starting to really get into street fighter. I play HDR, & Third Strike On XBL, Don’t Care much for super 4 Add me on xbox, Hiyooma


Hi, I live in Corona, its like a 10-15 min drive from Riverside and I’m down to play some 3rd strike. Its pretty hard to find people to play in this area. I’m not amazing or anything but I’ve been playing 3rd strike for a few years so hopefully I’ll be a decent challenge. I use Remy and Ken, also if you’re interested in Persona 4 Arena I’m receiving my copy tomorrow morning. Also I noticed that you were looking for an arcade around here, don’t think there’s arcade in this area, if we play it would prob. have to be at one of our houses. If you if still don’t have a stick yet, I have 3 sticks so we should be fine unless 2 of them decide to suddenly break.


Yeah man that was really fun we gota do that again thanks for the invite!


i live in riverside on van buren, if any chance that you can get casuals again, im interested. i play 3s and p4u.