Anyone play Waku Waku 7 or Power Instinct: Matrimelee?


I play Waku. Not much, just to keep on it

waku’s pretty fun. I like PI:M better, though that dog seems broken.

I’d play this more if 2 things were to happen

  1. I find out how to fix its graphics on mame
  2. more people play

[edit] by this, I meant Waku Waku 7. don’t know what PI:M is, though I’ll probably try it

Waku Waku 7 <3

seriously, doesn’t ANYONE know how to get rid of that graphics crap?

Never had any problems with PI:M, but I played that on kawaks, so perhaps that’s why.

Yea, you need a special hacked version of mame. Pretty hard to find. Give me a msger nick and I can send it over.

PM sent

Is PI:M also none as PI 3? or no? And as for waku waku 7, i tried playing it and mame flipped out and mangled the graphics, so I decided to give up.

never heard of waku waku, i play PI:M, well use to but for some reason it wont play on this PC but played on my ALOT OLDER MORE CRAPPIER PC

What’s the problem?

no clue, it doesnt load, it give me the missing file error.
i remember just downloading it on my old pc and just playing it.