Anyone playing Claw/Vega?

i did not see any vega threads up in the forum and i wanted to see what your opinions are on the new Vega. ive been playing him and Zangief but i think claw is my better character of the two. im not an amazing player. (28-27) but have you guys even seen anyone playing him? all i see are ryu’s ken’s and the occasional Deejay and guile. have any of you guys run across him at all?


must just be you and myself than…

Claw just doesnt seem as good in this one. Jab alone takes out alot of his walldive tricks.

He definitely seems like he’s going to be more of a defensive character type. Kinda like he is in CVS2. More just poking and spacing and retreating to the corner when needed. No more dirty Tokido style Hyoubal.

i havent had too much trouble with wall dives now that you can fake, but i find myself having the hardest time on characters that just manage to press me to the corner or if i mess up my first dive kill me with crossups thats probably just me being dumb though.

you guys are silly, im raping bitches left and right with vega, still too good.

you know its funny… ive been winning my little scrub ranked matches all day prob lost like 2 outta 15 today… but for some reason it seems my losses are always 1 behind my wins. even though i definatley win more than lose do you know why that is? =\

(your skill)

…(or lack thereof)

Is it a bug or was it like this in old ST too… When you’re crouched right next to Vega, his pokes go through you.

It would do that in ST to.

I wonder why Sirlin didn’t fix that is it intentional or due to budget, time, staff constraints?

Way to necro a 2 year old thread.

And yes intentional.

Vega doesnt need a thread THATS how good he is.

i’d speculate that because of the way his whole body lunges forward, it would be broke as shit for him to have an attacking hitbox any further back. he’d just be able to duck under jump ins and hit the jumper from behind, among numerous other nasty possible tricks. i don’t think i’d be ok with that