Anyone playing jam/evo?


well does anyone still play this on live? I was thinking of getting it

Nope. And that’s pretty straightforward. I looked at the rankings one day for the week, and two Japanese guys played 2/3 set for two days, and no Americans had played. I would love to play someone at it if possible.

I play it sometimes. Master Censor and Hiperman play it as well i think.

damn, i wanna get this game and get in on it…i played it a few times but never got a chance to get into it

I played live tag Waterball a bit last week.I tried a couple other times and no luck again yet.Id be up for some playing if anyone else is.Im not too good though.Add me to your FL and Ill keep a look out for anyone on.

This game is dead. Like…CVS2 gets more play than this game online and that game is dead too.

I picked up a used copy for $3 today,

yeah your right no one is playing, I waited 30 minutes for a game before throwing in the towel.

Guess it’s back to playing HF for me

if you see me playing anything online and send me an invite to play CFE
probalby a 50/50 chance I will accept and switch games just to play this. (If i dont accept i will decline wont leave you hanging).
i havent played this in awhile
i had fun with it

gemertag: red larry

send me a Fr I’ll play

I play off and on, I’ll try to get some games in next week or so. My Gamertag is SRKSANO.

saddens me cvs2 is dead, I miss the 2003 heydays were tons of people were playing online, those days were great. I just tried playing it but couldn’t find anyone. CvS2 is a great game I can’t understand how it died, fuck 3s, I hate that overated pile of horse shit. Guess I’ll stick to 360 HF.

CVS2 died cuz people realized 3S was good and everyone wants to be like Daigo. 3S Daigo any ways.

hell i’m getting tir3d of 3rd a little add me and i’ll shell out 3 bucks for it. Like it or not its all we got “new” Leviticus 13one

I liked this game I just never got into playing on live. but nonetheless if I can re-buy the game for $3 i would probably play the computer either way. Nice deal would’ve picked it up right away.

Play Jam/Evo now?

Someone sign into this game now please for Xbox live! my gamertag is XSPR.

This game seems completely dead online… I bought a used capcom vs. snk but the guy at the store gave me a JAM (Evolution) cd by accident. I hope capcom vs. snk isn’t anywhere near as dead as this when I return it.

I tried it a few times from Friday until now this weekend, but absolutely nothing- no one online. I hope someone shows up soon.

David Boudreau

Update: I just talked with the store- 2 more days until I exchange it back for Capcom vs SNK 2 EO. In case anyone wants to play before then, reply here and post the time.

I have both add me for free wins!