Anyone prefer MvC to MvC2?

I have both games and I have to say I enjoy MvC more than MvC2

the 2d BG add a lot of comic book illustration feeling to the game and are multi tiered which is awesome. I don’t see what fighting at a Circus or on a Pirate Ship has to do with either Capcom or Marvel.

Also the music in the first game is better, the second game has some kind of random jazz music rather than emphasis on themed music.

I could see why the use of 3d impact sprites and 3d BG’s for CvS2 makes it superior than the first, definitely helps it’s overall presentation (even though the CvS1 stages are terrific).

I find myself a much bigger fan of the first 5 Marvel/xmen/vs games rather than MvC2 for sure.

anyone else like this??

So I guess fighting in a bath house where naked men rub their asses with a towel is a whole lot better? :wtf:

I dunno, man…MvC 1 also has some annoying issues: Striderine, Double WM, Red Venom antics, etc… For some reason I would rather find myself playing XSF over MvC 1…


the bath house theme makes sense from a Capcom perspective.

though I don’t disagree that XMvSF and MvSF are also great.

I have a collection of pretty much every capcom fighter - SFA3 gets the most run time, even 10 years later.

Marvel super heroes is the best

hmmm this is an old topic that has resurfaced a number of times. I prefer MVC1, more out of good memories and that the game felt less tired than MVC2 as it only had 18 months of arcade comp, whereas Marvel has had like, 10 years.

Marvel 2 also feels like a medley, a greatest hits of the Marvel/Capcom era- an anthology, whereas MVC1 felt like a unique game with an identity- I think all the unique helpers and new characters and moves helped.

The main problem with MVC1 is that it gets worse and worse the more ‘properly’ you play it. At the highest level it really descends into meter building, chipping and duoing, or block stun traps and infinites- even more so than it’s sequel. DWM and strider/GWM is much more silly than any MSP or MSS team, imho.

You are just all kinds of awesome.

I know

MvSF great I wouldnt say that, Wolv’s braindead infinite ruins the game for me. Super jump mash MP, do speed up super, keep hitting with D,FP over and over again till they die

And what perspective would that be?

Also LOL @ fighting atop the moon’s surface. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?

I prefer every Vs game over MvC2.

the perspective where you fight Birdie in a bathroom and there are two guys taking a piss and a guy in the stall with a monocular.

fighting on the moon’s surface makes sense… From a Marvel perspective.

I’m way too white to play MvC2, MvC1 is pretty fun for me though :looney:

If you’re like me and you don’t know how to play these games, then yes, you’ll prefer MvC1 over MvC2.
Also, if you’re like me and you don’t know how to play these games, then you know not post threads like this on SRK.

(I think by the bath house BG making sense for Capcom he means Honda’s SF2 stage. Or he thinks Capcom is all about naked men.)

bath house- Birdie and Honda stages

Moon- all kinds of marvel shit has happened there. backgrounds like Avenger’s HQ and Lord Raptor’s concert were brilliant too, much better than um, ‘clock tower’ and ‘icy river’.

Oh. Crazy


Yeah the Blue Area of the Moon! There’s air up there and you can breath on that spot. Dark Phoenix final showdown is the big one that comes to mind. Even the X-Men 90s cartoon followed that really close to the letter. :tup:

Both MVC1 and MVC2 are good games. MVC2 just has so many characters and lots of insanity to balance out the very few backgrounds and bad music. At least we will be able to swap out the music once it hits next gen, MWAHAHAHA… I guess I prefer MVC2.

CVS2 is my favorite crossover out of the bunch though.

:rofl: :rofl:
Thats most likely cause you cant win shit on MvC2

thank you

I really do expect a HD remix of marvel to do well