Anyone read Chinese? Is this a dual-compatible stick?


In China right now and looking into some locally manufactured sticks. At a glance the build quality seems to be comparable to SE or Hori Fighting Sticks. So these could be good deals for entry-level sticks or mod parts. This one in particular has me interested and puzzled:

??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? XBOX360???-- ???

The basic pitch is that it’s a “four in one” controller, with a single USB plug, that works with 360/PS3/PS2/PC. The kicker is the price – 300 RMB, about $45, which is amazing for a dual-compatible stick of this quality out of the box, if true.

The part where it seems to backpedal and get confusing is the driver installation screens. It shows two versions of the screen, one showing the device as an Xbox 360 controller, and another screen showing it as a Playstation 3 controller.
I can’t decipher how to switch the modes on the stick, or whether this is actually two different models of the stick and each one only supports either the 360 or the PS3.


It’s not four-in-one. Although the layout is a little odd, it’s just meant to indicate they can make it work for any of those four systems. That particular page to linked is the 360 version. If you ever see a USB plug that claims to be PS2 compatible, that’s a dead giveaway; although PS2s have USB ports, you can’t actually use a stick with it.

It seems a touch expensive actually. You can get a full Sanwa Qanba for just over 500 RMB.


The cases look sturdy, but the Qanba ones do as well.

Have you considered the Joytron Paewang Revolution ?


Those cases actually look pretty nice, and very moddable too. Hmm.


I see they make a 2-player stick.

I wonder why Madcatz won’t make one.



awkward fingernail picture lol


I do like the looks of the stick though.
And Holy Fuck they have a dual stick: ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???-- ??? Can’t find a price though, I’d like to get it for VO.


Site sells some nice cases however


Actual size?

:wtf: :lol:



u can get a full sanwa Qanba in China? where abouts? Hong Kong? and how much is 500 RMB in canadian dollars?? where would i go for this?


I was actually searching for that stick when I ran across these. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find the Paewang in China.


Wonder how much is that hss-0130 style twin stick


Okay, I just got clarification from a store rep. Apparently the stick has one of those 360 pass-through adapters built into it. So you would have to plug a 360 controller into the stick to get it past the lockout, but technically you are able to use the stick on 360. But since those pass-through adapters can be bought anywhere, there’s no real advantage to it here. Oh well… it was worth a shot.


They have English speaking reps? I might have to inquire on the VO style stick and the 2 player.

  1. Yes, of course. They’re a Chinese company.
  2. They’re in Shenzheng I think.
  3. How should I know? Google a currency converter or something.
  4. Qanba’s website or taobao. You’ll get raped in shipping though.


Or you can go through the official Qanba thread and order from their New York office.


If he orders from the US site, he’ll pay the US price, then still get raped in shipping since he’s in Canada.

Poor Canadians. =(