Anyone really into Heavy Metal Geomatrix?

Or… no?

For whatever reason, I’ve had two different people recommend it to me on two different occasions.

I figured it’d be worth checking out, so I’ve been keeping an eye open at used game shops, finally found a copy today for $8. Obviously it’s not a tournament level game, but I rarely hear anything bad about it (usually, people say it’s better than Power Stone). So I’m mostly curious to see if it’s a fluke that it keeps getting brought up in conversation, or if it actually has a strong fan base.

just play it damn it, for 8 bucks no big deal

Not really a “fighting game” for me but its a good game and yeah, for $8… just buy it.

It’s great for the music alone. Just about every stage has an actual heavy metal song with lyrics sung. Crank it up to 11 and have fun!

*Responsibility, an anchor around my neck
Dependability, made me a nervous wreck
Accountability, I live from check to check
Volatility, neglect and no respect

Got my wheels in motion and I got a path to beat
I hit the road to I dont know and look for tough shit street


:rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock:

Yeah… the whole 3d versus arena action game is a hard classification. I picked it up, the case has seen better days but the manual and disc seem loved.

I’ll probably like it. When it comes to the bastard genre that this is, I tend to like them all. (I’m most likely the only person who enjoyed Bio Freaks).

:rofl: @ moto psycho. Sounds like an awesome game!! Return to Hangar is better though.

I used to play it a lot its actually pretty good fun game:woot:

:rofl: Dread and the Fugitive Mind :rock:

Heavy Metal is an pretty fun game. Kinda like Spawn but with a better combat system and two players instead of four.

spawn was way better

Spawn’s theme song alone>HMGM

JK…This shit fun though. Duke FTW!!

HM:G is a really good game and I recommend it as well. Spawn on the other hand, while it was a great idea, the camera made that game almost unplayable.

Spawn would have been better if you could have system linked up to make it more like the arcade game, which was actually REALLY dope.
Geomatrix is nice, used to play it a lot. Mayfly ftw.
“ArrRRrrree YooOouu GooOoOing toOO plAAy witH meEeE?”