Anyone recommend a good reliabe TE Plexi seller in the UK (6 button TE Layout)

Hi all,

I have been shopping around for a 6 button TE plexi layout and I dunno if any of you have any recommendations, I was looking at ordering from but I dont really wanna pay 6euros shipping for no reason - plus im really impatient.

Any help would be much appreciated.

UK I wouldn’t be able to give you any sellers, but you could try Gremlin sells a generic TE plexi but it’s for 8 button. I wouldn’t exactly say the €6 is for no reason, it’s for shipping. You’re gonna have to pay shipping regardless of where you buy from, unless anyone knows ofsomewhere else with free shipping.

I think its mainly due to me being impatient, its like 2 - 3 weeks delivery and I have some Clear ‘smoke’ sanwa buttons on the way!

If you’re worried about the cost of postage from Germany, please bear these things in mind:

[]At you can request what custom plexi panel you want from a wide variety of options
]Shipping an item that is not only large & flat, but also fragile, will naturally incur higher than average postage costs if you want it to arrive in one piece
[*]Gremlins would charge you more for the item + postage after VAT, and they are based in the UK

Gharling (Mr. Maru) , it’s Dave Pearl! lol

but yeah im probs gonna go with arcadeforge, i just dunno which one to order…regular or extended - I think full will just give an extra edge you dont need on the top of the stick which will be uncomforatable for my hands.

plus I ordered some of the Sanwa ‘Smoke’ Clears, should arrive any day now. next I need a black mesh balltop + plexi and then maybe start FDWidget project.

you got any FDWidgets?

Oh, hey guy.

You may find a full plexi more suitable once you sand down the front edge into a nice curve, or just try out a regular and keep the original TE bezel. There will still be a slight edge though as the plexi won’t sit flush with the bezel once artwork has been sandwiched in-between. I don’t think you’ll get on with an extended plexi at all, though could be wrong…

Or you could just make a decent vinyl print and stick it to the metal panel with a fixative, so you avoid plexi altogether.

I do not have any of Toodles’ LED stuff. Yet…

Now, get back to work :slight_smile:

yeah extended doesnt look too good for the exact same reason you stated - just wont sit flush and will require sanding.

I think maybe a high quality vinyl is a possability moving forward and will have to do some research of decent retailers for this.

Im thinking about making my own KNinserts and using my existing hex invert for the LED mod - I will be looking to use 2 SMD’s per button as opposed to the single 3mm LED I have in my buttons at the moment.

if you have any ArcEyes or KNinserts, could you take a few pics of the PCD so I can mimic the wiring?

If you’re around London again soon then I’ll see what I can do and bring you in first hand. In return I demand the huge cake you owe me and a tutorial on how to resurrect an old Xbox 360 I found.

sound slike a good one. on Friday its my Bday meal at Nandos in Soho Square. come down!!! ill call you or test you the details and we can discuss then. I will bring you some bits anmd pieces too that you can use to hybrid clamp the RRoD 360

Splendid, look forward to it.