Anyone remember Karnovs Revenge?

I used to love playing Mitsigushi in the arcades.

I don’t think it was very popular, or at least it wasn’t in the UK.

Are you really asking if anyone remembers this game?

Hell, some people want this game at EVO.

Really? That’s awesome, i didn’t know it was so popular.



Yeah, if you check if the Other Games forum, there’s a nice big thread for the game.

i still play too:
samchay and ray are my characters.
still learning marstorious

theres a thread already

Damnit! There’s always a thread about everything on here. lol:crybaby:

Hey I didn’t know you played this game. You probably don’t remember me, but I spoke to you at Final Round. Are you going to be at Impact Clash IV? If so, we can set up a few casuals. I’m just starting this game.

Of course, what do you expect? It’s a pretty big forum and chances are that if there’s something you want to discuss, there is a thread for it already somewhere in here.

No, peeps don’t want to use the search function, or (gasp) take the effort to look around the forums a bit and see if there’s an old thread. Its not so much common mistakes as it is laziness. I dunno about anyone else, but it usually takes me less than a few minutes to look through the archives and find what I want.

Well it wasn’t laziness for me, i just remembered the game and thought i’d make a post. :arazz:

Seriously, dude…I wish noobs wouldn’t do that “Anyone remember this fighting game?” shit, because WE ALL DO. And his name is Mizoguchi.

You know that one game with a guy that looks like a smurf?

or was it a blob dressed as a pirate… i don’t remember. i was 5 at the time, and i had a nasty case of pink eye…

facepalm Oh, fuck. This shit’s gonna be meme’d before you know it.

Zazie is the shit