Anyone remember Killer Instinct?


What did you think about this game? I played it a lot as a kid on my SNES. I don’t know what to expect of it now, now that I’m older, but I looked it up on youtube and it looks solid.

Holy shit was it always that ugly? Wow.

no i’ve never heard of that before

It is really old, what do you expect?


Never heard of it. Wiz and Sabre might have though.

Killer Instinct rules. I saved up, bought a SFII arcade machine, and got the arcade version.

The snes version looked like shit. Fanboys loved it though. I remember all these idiots spouting “WOW it looks just LIKE the arcade!!” Right…blind fucker.

Yeah the Snes version looked like dogshit through a gravel crusher - Here’s the game proper:



God I wish they would release a arcade perfect copy of KI I and II or KI II: Gold for Xbox live arcade (well more likely the Wii but wtf ever I can dream right.)

EDIT 2: Well it seems Microsoft owns Rare from what I’m being told, so if they ever did make such a decision maybe it would be in Live Arcade. Never making a KI3 was a huge waste imo. Especially with today’s technology.

KI was a fucking awesome game. Didn’t care too much for the sequel though.

UUUULLLLTRA COOOOMMMBOOO!!! I miss those days. Last I heard rare said that they “may” make a KI3. So keep your fingers crossed.

Of course I remembered. How can I forget Orchid, who I fapped to many many times.

At the rate RARE is going these days, it might turn out to be shit.

Anyone care to remember what they did to Perfect Dark Zero? Also heard the new Banjo sucked.

You heard right.

Also some people from Rare have been asked about a possible 3rd game in the past and they were complete dicks about it every time, more or less stating that their tired of people asking, have no intention of doing another as of now, and they will be sure to let people know should they “decide” to make one.

Fuck them, they should have struck while the iron was hot instead of waiting so long.

They’ve been out of the loop so long it probably will suck, IF they make one.

If they make KI 3 then it’ll be 3d which means it’ll probably suck.

Oh, and KI 1 and 2 had the best soundtracks for any fighting game ever


I played the living crap out of this game at parks and rec when i was in like 6th grade lol.

I read in a rumors section (EGM I think) that Rare was thinking of making a new KI. While KI and KI II where a lot of fun they weren’t exactly good. I doubt Rare could replicate the magic. Coolest most unique fighting cast this side of Mortal Kombat though.

Killer Kuts or whatever the album was called.

I have those games in my .mp3 player rotation pretty heavily.

As for KI3? I would rather see an arcade perfect port with HD graphics on PSN/XBL.

What the hell is a killer instinct?

yo i remember this game. it had like dinosaurs and shit and you could like eat people while you’re fighting. man that game was shitty.

shitty game

combo breaker.