Anyone remember playing this in arcades?


I remember way back in the day when I was maybe eight, playing this game at a movie theater and everyone on our block used to head over and have MvC2 tournaments. Does anyone have any interesting stories playing this in arcades?

I specifically remember these frat looking guys (this was 2003, so try to picture them with spiked gel hair and cargo shorts… wait) used to always talk smack to us when we would crowd the machine. Every single weekend we would be there for a few hours just playing MvC2 and almost every single weekend those same frats were there. They use to always smirk at us from a distance and purposely try to make us mess up our combos or would come over and randomly hit buttons. After about a year of this happening, I had enough of it. I thought (with my eight year old mind) that the only way that they would leave us alone would be by completely annihilating every single one of them (there was about four or five of them) with a super OP team combination of Cable, Cyclops and Ryu.

So, we’re playing on the machine and they start yelling random stuff at us. And I yell, “Fight me, nerd.”

This was coming from me. A kid who went to a theater not to watch movies, but to play a video game. I wasn’t exactly a wordsmith.

They come over and one of them actually raised their fist in front of my face. I then clarified I mean’t to fight in MvC2. They laughed and agreed, not thinking too much of it.

From this point on, it was all or nothing. If I lost, our whole group would have to leave the arcade forever (for no real reason) and I would be the pity of the group. If I won though, we could play MvC2 with no worries of having to deal with them ever again.

We insert our quarters and off we go.

I said I would beat all of them, but only the one guy wanted to play.

I used a Cable, Cyclops and Ryu team, all projectile assists.

He used Juggernaut, B.B. Hood and Chun Li. I can’t recall what assists he used but, you can kind of see who would win.

So, long story short, I destroyed him. Utterly. He was getting pretty salty. This was the first time I ever had to deal with salt as my friends were pretty cool with losing and so was I.

He then went on to call us “little shts" and that he was going to "fck [our] mothers”.

What happened next, was something that changed the whole way I socially interacted through video games after.

He got so enraged, he actually punched me across the face. A 20’ something year old man, sucker punches an 8 year old kid. The theater staff called the cops and we had to explain everything that happened. How we were talking trash and wanted to beat these guys at MvC2.


glorious story, I dont have anything as violent.

I used to go to the arcades to play MvC1, that was (and remains) my first love in the vs series. I go to the arcade one day and see MvC2. The character select screen blows me away. So I play everyday I can. One day a guy hops on the machine next to me and inserts his quarter and picks MSP against what I called the BeamTeam (Ryu IronMan Cyclops). He bodies me, shakes my hand, tells me good games. I left the arcade cause I was super mad.

I never played arcade marvel again cause the next time I went back the arcade was closed down :frowning:


I’m sorry but when I got to the part where you got punched I fell out. Lol. I mean damn… folks be getting that salty over a game? This is coming from 2003 too. On top of all that you’re mad young, you was 8yrs old in 2003 beating on 20yr olds? Lol. Damn… makes me feel like a OG. I was like 17yrs old in 2003. I use to play with Guile, Cable and Iron-Man.

I don’t have any arcade stories like that but I do have a shitload of XBL ones, apparently I’m a cheater on there because I know how to fly/unfly and use overhead attacks. I love my hate mail though, keeps it entertaining and makes me laugh.

I do remember playing X-Men vs. Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes and Marvel vs. Capcom in the arcade. I played this one guy, tall lanky white boy with glasses, du-rag, etc, he looked like a wigga and he just murdered my ass with Cyclops on X-Men vs. Street Fighter, I couldn’t touch his ass. After that lost that’s what really made me step my game up in fighting games.


As disappointing to have this happen, it is rather humorous considering I took up boxing lessons after that :stuck_out_tongue:

The kids on my block were better than I was even. Capcom was just a part of growing up for us :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember playing X-Men vs. Street Fighter in that arcade and the sticks were always well, sticky and gross. They only cleaned the driving games, MvC2 and Third Strike :stuck_out_tongue:

There was always that awkward moment when there would be the random ass white kid that would body us and we just got pissed off and went to the McDonald’s across the street to get rid of our salt lol


Last time I went to the arcades was like 3yrs ago and I surprisingly saw MvC2 there and was like “Oh shit, it’s Mahvel baby!” I ran to the machine like a lil’ kid. I mean the machine was original and everything so I’m looking around for a coin machine cause I gotta play. I get some coins, come back to the machine, popped in the quarters, picked RowTron and proceeded to start my first match. Soon as I started playing, tell me why LP wasn’t working. Smh. Well it worked but you had to literally press it all hard and shit to make it work. I’m thinking to myself “Well it can’t be that bad without LP” little did I know that shit made a BIG difference! I was barely doing my air dashes and AHVB’s.

So I decided to switch sides and play on 2P side and tell me why on that side all the buttons works but on the stick up doesn’t work. Smh.

It just made me not want to play the game anymore after I got all hyped up. So I just left the running and proceeded to walk around the mall with my girl pissed off.


I still do. Manila and Davao are fortunate enough to have surviving cabs. Most of my friends who are learning the game want to stick to the 360 version, though.


I remember watching my uncles play this game at the ice cream shop as a child myself. I use to see so many fights and arguments! I couldn’t understand why at the time, but it seems this game brings the beast out of people.

This one time my uncle did a mm, and he ended up losing. Him and the other guy were face to face yelling over the money. It got bad to the point where the cops got involved, but come to find out these dumbasses were about to kill each other over 3 bucks and a damn ice cream sandwich. (.-.)


played at fantasy island on long beach island NJ many summers. my grandma’s house was a block away so i was there pretty much every day for 2 weeks at a time.


It’s not about the money. A money match is saying “I know I can take you and here’s something to show I’m serious”. No excuses, no “I wasn’t playing serious” lies to your opponent or to yourself.


great story,…

my version is in my sig…


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The biggest shock to me is that you were only 8 yrs old in 2003.


Why does your story sound like an early 90’s movie synopsis?


OP is the reason why there are no arcades in America anymore lol. lil prick.

and btw, that 20 year old that punched you in the face…
was me.
good times. good times.


Hope you had fun with that restraining order :wink:


This was the first ever fighting game I played and it was at super arcade back in 2000

Wow a bunch of memories just hit right now


I remember the first time I played it but it wasn’t an arcade. It was at a local Chuck E. Cheese and all the kids and teenagers were crowded around the machines. I instantly went over when I noticed Hulk on the screen. I told myself, “I NEED to play this game next!” but I had wasted most of my tokens on other games. So when I finally got up to play, I was overwhelmed with the characters I could pick. “Oooooooh! Wolverine! Gambit! Sabretooth! Is that Megaman!?” And so on. To be fair, this was during the time when 90s Marvel was still popular. That and the classic X-Men cartoon. I mashed. I mashed hard, but seeing bright flashing lights during triple team supers made me the happiest kid on Earth.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to grab MvC2 off PSN before it got removed, but I am hoping that one day I will try to see if a friend can game share it with me.


I also remember playing this game at Tilt west covina mall from 2001-2002

Back then there was a helluvalot of comp!!!

Now it’s dead as dead can be…