Anyone remember the name of the platformer at evo?


at evo this year they had this guy plaing this cool platformer that was sort of like super meat boy but with Street fighter chrs. By chance does anyone remember that the name of that game? be fun to play lol


I Want to be the Guy: Gaiden I think it was called. I’m not sure if it has been publicly released yet, though.


ohh k thanks i’ll check it out. was a fun stream :slight_smile:


You can find it here


There was also a beat-em-up there that I heard about that sounded pretty fun from the very little I read of it. Who here played it, what was the name, and what did you think of it?

If this warrants its own thread I’ll make one.


anybody remember the name of the stick-figure fighter a few majors back? You had the option to throw the sword and had to run to the opposite end of the stage to score a point





Man, Nidhogg is never going to come out. That shit has been in development for years now.


Relevant link: Announcing the Evo 2012 Indie Showcase Titles! « Shoryuken

This isn’t an uncommon story for one-man development teams, but in this case I recall reading that the guy who made it is deliberately waiting for something before he releases it. I can’t remember what it was for the life of me, though!


Never heard of Nidhogg, it got those dudes hype as fuck though.

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Nidhogg is hype.


is hidhogg “out” yet? :wink:


Some of those games are amazing.