Anyone remember this old, old PC sprite-based Fighter?

I just posted in the “worst fighting game ever” thread, and while I don’t remember it being a bad game, there was this PC fighter I had a demo of…at least…10-8 years ago.

It came out around the time of…Diablo 1 maybe? Maybe a year before that?

Anyway, it was a rendered fighter, so it was akin to killer instinct, the graphics/characters were pretty dark, and it played like a 2D fighter, so there was quarter-circles and the like.

The two characters that were in the demo was a cyborg, who resembled Fulgore from Killer Instinct somewhat - his name might have been War Machine, or something of that nature. The other character was an Egyptian God, Anubis. I am NOT thinking of War Gods, as this game was strictly 2D. This Anubis had completely coal-black skin, and had dog-shaped legs.

There was a fatality system in the game, as I distinctly remember once a character has lost their 2nd round, you were prompted to finish them off.

Is this ringing ANY bells at all? I tried my best searching for it on some sites, but their game lists only go back so far.

One must Fall?

and the sequel… wow, this is bad

OMF2097 was an amazing game. The juggles and combos were crazy, and the juggle system was flawless - outside of stupid bugs, there were no infinites inherent in the juggle system, unlike the Versus games. You could chain anything into anything, and the Tournament Mode characters you could build were phenomenal.
The entire game has become freeware, if I recall correctly. I suggest everyone try it out. (^.^)

Mike Z

Sorry guys, I used to play One Must Fall. But that’s not it.

This game had humans/creatures in it, not just robots. When I say it looked lik Killer Instinct - it really looked like Killer Instinct.

no idea then… :frowning: sorry

honestly, i believe i know what game you’re talking about, but i can’t for the life of me remember what it is…
it was a blatent MK rip off…

EDIT: way of the warrior? (i might be thinking 3DO)

EDIT2: wouldn’t happen to be called Xenophage: Alien Bloodsport, would it? I have this disc that I can’t open up in an old pile of games that i got…

Not way of the Warrior, that was 3DO. This was PC.

arite, i’m still looking…

not xenophage, right? i KNOW that i definitely have this somewhere

look more tomorrow… i got three 100 spindles left… if not, i tossed the disc…

Not Xenophage either, I had that game seperate.

If I remember correctly, its an old Apogee game.

Are you talking about “Rise of the Robots”? That was rendered. And pretty horrible. Though it was also available on consoles.

edit Though I guess the anubis character you described probably wouldn’t be in a game entitled “Rise of the Robots.” Sorry.

Rise of The Robots perhaps?

that wasnt pc was it?

rise was, but it didn’t have an anubis character in it… and he said it was 2D with rendered sprites, aka Mortal Kombat or Killer Instinct

Yeah, Rise of the Robots was definitely on the PC.
So was Rise2…i played a demo of that.
I’m guessing it’s either Rise of the Robots, Rise 2…or…another obscure
robot-PC fighter, Zero Divide? I doubt it’s Zero Divide though.
My best guess would be Rise2.

Actually i have another guess at this.

Pray for Death maybe?
Pray for Death was a straight up Killer Instinct rip-off.
I think it’s even more obscure than Rise2.
And yes, it had a fatality system.


that’s teh game

anubi and painbringer!

strider2k2 = the man

While we’re here, anyone wanna talk Sango Fighter? PANDA SOFT 4 EVA!

LMFAO, that old ass 2D game that had these mystical chinese looking dudes?

Nicccceee! Thanks Strider, and thanks m1x4h for the links!!!

Pray for Death!!!

For a long time, I thought the game’s title was “Expect No Mercy” that’s another horrible PC fighter.

Yeah, and I remember Sango Fighter as well!!