Anyone remember this old, old PC sprite-based Fighter?

Sango fighter ruled! Sango & Sango 2.

“Wooded leg!”

Super fighter was a good one too…Indian Joe was like Blanka on CRACK.

Violent Fighter, Body Blows…even Stick Fighter…I played them all!

Stick fighter was the reason for the season! Man, if my modem could download it for free in less than half an hour, it was automatically a five star classic. I think I’m gonna download OMF right now…

btw what’s the difference between Sango 1 & Sango 2? never had a chance to play the 2nd one

Super Fighter - some of the special moves r insane… like the karate dude… he jump’d to the air and do a downward headbutt

Ohh hotness. I remember Sango Fighter …! Speaking of which, i’d love to play OMF 2097 again…hehe

Who doesn’t love obscure PC fighters?

Well, alot of people, as 99% of them were big steaming bowls of elephant piss.


Sango 2 had more characters of course, and added moves for old chars. Typical sequel…Can’t remember the differences to well, but I think the 2nd had a story mode too.

Oh hey, pictures: Sango 2