Anyone Reppin Guy in Evo?



Just wondering.


I think I heard UltraDavid say that “Cheech Wizard” made it out of his pool. I’m not sure if that’s the same guy we all know.


Negromat used guy on stream… against Momochi…
Combofiend is playing Guy


haha that was me. I made it through my 8am pool undefeated in Winners.

In the semi finals matches I had to play against Wolfkrone which I lost 2-0, and then was eliminated by OnlineTony 2-1. Wolfkrone beat me fair and square and I’d never ever played a viper of his calibre before so I didnt have any real experience to go off of.

I should have won the set against onlinetony. That match is in Guys favour and I was playing well at the start, then the Seth vortex took over.I think no matter how bad a matchup seth has, he can always overcome it due to the sheer and terrifying mix up he has off of everything.

Seeing Combofiend play Guy on the big screen was cool. It was pretty heartbreaking when he was losing though.He was doing so well against Flashmetroids Gief considering how bad that matchup is for Guy.

Played plenty of casuals none the less. Alot of Americans really dont know how to deal with Guy.


Good shit Cheech.


Cheech that is awesome, great stuff.

Yeah, I really like Combofiend and when he got on the big screen against Flash I was saying, don’t pick Guy, I don’t want you to lose, but he stuck by him, Ultradavid said. “I really like the Gief match up for Guy”… I don’t think UltraDavid has played the match, its pretty bad.


good stuff cheech… aren’t you from europe? man if so… good stuff making it all the way out here. vegas is just a 8-10 hour drive for me and i didn’t even go haha. were any of your matches recorded? anyway… good job representing for the guy players out there.

as for the gief matchup… i don’t think it’s TOO bad… cr. strong and st. rh keep gief out really well. it’s just… once he knocks you down with jab spd or something… that’s when all hell breaks loose. it’s hard for guy to get him back off you to reset the situation. overall though i don’t feel the matchup is that bad… it’s definitely in gief’s favor… but i don’t feel it’s as bad as ssf4 guy/honda or guy/rose matchups. i hated fighting rose in super.





yea Peter seemed totally unaware that beats all of Gief’s Jump ins… his ground footsie game was really good until he started letting Flash get free jump ins.

and also the obvious… WAY too much cr.rh slides. on blocked that’s a free spd everytime for Flash. He also missed fadc ultra @ 5:20…

he kept it really basic in most of his fights , which is good cause of his overall matchup knowledge , but he really lacked any kind of mixups or setups… like alot of his TC’s ended in hozanto instead of run slide neutral jump setups. and he RARELY uses pressure or run stop. not just in this match but anytime he uses Guy…

I felt bad watching him lose to that Evans dude that played Fei cause he couldn’t easily won it if he had a couple more options in his bag. Half of his pressure attempts he did TC > LP Bushin Flip and dude stuffed them all with a free fierce.

what makes his Guy so good , like i said before , is his overall matchup knowledge but his technolgy is lacking and that was his overall demise. he just kept it too basic in a set based , top tier opponent tourney.


I totally agree! He has matchups down and great footries just lacks all the tricks and setups. If he used them he would be beasting more with Guy!


Guy is low tier for a reason. It’s way too hard for him to even get his mixups going, especially against a grapplers who can spd everything. On top of that, it’s not too hard for others to get out of his mixups either


So just got back home after Evo. Did pretty alright (got out of my pool in Winner bracket, then lost to Infiltration in first round of quarters, beat a Rufus, then lost to a Zangief).

Only heard about Cheech Wizard making it to top 32 in MvC3 (good shit!) no idea that he had made it out of pools in AE using Guy too.

Random Stuff:

  • I think i met Negromat briefly. He was narrowly beaten in quarters by my friend, HZY, a Viper player.

  • I got to ask Fuudo who he thought was stronger: Densetsu no Otaku or Kiryu Tsukimiya. Fuudo replied that Densetsu no Otaku hardly plays anymore (although he played a lot when the game first came out, hence his rank) and that he didn’t think that Kiryu was very strong. So I guess this means that there currently aren’t any Guy players in Japan considered very strong… So international Guy players… step it up!

  • It was obvious that Evans didn’t know the Guy match up. If he did, he would’ve crouch MKed all those Bushin Flips.


^Thanks man.

My opinion on Kiryu is that hes a really good Guy player and innovates alot of stuff.However overall his player skill and experience isnt there yet. Its almost like he doesnt have his own unique style and it looks like he plays more by the numbers/frame data than by instinct and feeling.

I think its the players like Combofiend and Kiyomatsu who have background in older games like Alpha 3, CVS2, 3rd Strike who have a more ‘OG’ foundation to base their game off of.

I think theres alot to learn from any Guy player really though, whether its combofiend, otaku or Kiryu.I think he’s also a character where you have to be able to adapt to other players playstyles, much more so than alot of other characters.


It’s not Kiryu, it’s the character he plays. Fuudo mains Fei, how easy for him to say that. Let Kiryu go back to Akuma or some body like that and wacth him win majors. People quickly forget that Guy is low tier. I give Kiryu credit for making Guy seem like a more valuable character even though in reality, he’s not so much. It takes great skill to play Guy on a top level than 95% of characters in this game.


i agree… kiryu’s good… he’s got great reactions. but he plays almost entirely reaction based. yes he’s created a lot of what standard guy play is today in the sf4 series, he punishes well, but i wish he’d take the risk to make a smart read every once in a while. the only thing i can recall him reading is akuma teleports when he’s cornered, in which kiryu would wall jump and follow him for a punish. aside from that it’s almost all reactions to something. he could be so much better if he played more by feel every once in a while. right now when i watch his videos i already know what i’m going to see. i feel like he’s plateaued.

as you said… i’ve never seen anyone play so much on instinct as combofiend has. if he picked up the technical stuff guy can do… the safe jump setups, etc… really learned the ins and outs of the character… his guy would be a lot stronger.

i wish otk would play the game more… or take it more seriously. i really loved his guy play. he did things i didn’t see other guy players do that made him very strong despite there not being a lot of footage of his play. he forced his opponents into situations where he could capitalize, and i haven’t seen other guy players do the same things he was able to do. to this day… i’m still amazed by when he’d corner opponents, knock them down and start to focus a couple character lengths away. if the opponent jumped back he’d focus dash forward and TK EX air throw as they came down. i haven’t seen any one else play guy the way he did.

edit: oh yea good stuff cheech at evo. you did really well in marvel… really sick doom. you wrecked noel brown i think pretty bad one game.


I hate the Gief matchup. So gay… I think I have a 30% win rate against him and Hawk with Guy. All of Guy’s specials can be punished with SPD and no run stop pressure can be used. I get way too scared and impatient with this matchup.

#17 all his jump in attempts … st. fierce , , for footsies (good Giefs will SPD slides on block) and bushin combo any green hand gimmick-to-get-in attempts and the rest works itself…

still not easy but having that in your head as a gameplan gives you a good shot. Worst thing is giving him easy knockdowns from jump ins so he can mix you up but i find ex run the easy and safest way to get out of his knockdown mixups … especially if he has U2 so stay grounded unless you wanna jump back to reset your spacing.


I was rockin Guy and made it out of pools if anyone gives a crap lol. lost to L.I. and Vangeif =(


I was at EVO…Pool 90.

I beat some random Evil Ryu then lost to a Honda and a Balrog afterward. Both bad matchups… T_T


^Honda matchup has improved alot, I’d say its 5-5. Balrog is still tough but definitely more winnable than super.