Anyone run MAME on a Raspberry Pi 3?


Would someone be able to discuss how one would be able to make a backup of your SD card? You know, just in case?


Use win32 disk imager, and select read instead of write


I’ve used THIS guide in the past.


Thank you guys for that info. Now, another question, noobie here on Retropie. How would I be able to add multitap for SNES. I’ve seen a couple of sites mention adding a command prompt to do this, I just haven’t figured out where to enter this in Retropie configuration setup, any help would be appreciated. We used to play the shit out of some Super Bomberman back in the day :smile:


There is this,

It turns a SNES Multitap into a USB device with 4 SNES controller ports.


I understand that you don’t need a mouse and kb after the configuration, but is there an option for the emu to automatically recognize some arcade sticks and set up the right inputs? I was thinking about bringing a setup with it to tournaments/gatherings so that everyone can just plus in and play without any hassle of configuring stuff.


Depends per emulation. Careful about using this in a tourney, there are legal ramifications for using pirated roms at a event.


I like to use Recalbox because it works really well on Rasp 3 and once it’s installed, without having to configure anything it recognises pretty much everything, except ps4/xbox one controllers. You may have to remap buttons for each different controller you plug in but again you do this with the controller, it’s pretty simple each time, and no need for keyboard/mouse.

Maybe other distribs like retropie do the same ; I don’t know if it answers your question but this is how I do for events


@Darksakul is right about the legality aspect, especially if the event has game developer/publisher presence. Nothing may happen, but it’s a risk.

@Pr0sk_ is also right with the Recalbox suggestion. I’ve got multiple cards running both that and Retropie. Recalbox is hands down quicker and easier to configure and troubleshoot during an event.


They don’t need to be present, they just have to get word of the event.
Streaming the event wouldn’t be advisable from a Retro Pi Tournament, or even having an event with Roms being used.

Who ever the IP holder is can get you on 2 different counts of IP violation per Rom, Piracy of said rom and public performance.
Streaming the event can be a 3rd offence.


Hey guys Im really Struggling with getting any Mame Roms to work on my Rasberry PI3 , so far i figured out how to run most neo geo games and all the systems i enjoyed, but the issued is their is a small handful of Games I want to play but unfortunately i cant seem to get anything to work! :frowning:


Don’t use MAME. Use Final Burn Alpha (FBA).
Which Pi OS are you running?

For Retropie

For Recalbox

You’ll will need new ROMs. Here’s a compatible ROMs list for reference:


MAME is a “catch all”, that said the Emu’s engine has not updated that much since its time as a DOS application.

Final Burn Alpha tries to emulate the actual hardware rather than give the games a PC interface.


By the way…
In case no one here has heard of this yet…
I present The Hyperpie Project:

This takes the Attract Mode front end and takes it up 10 levels!
Just be sure to rename your ROM file names into the Hyperspin/Motion Blue format.


Hey looking for a CRT solution. I got a 3.5mm to RCA (composite) , but for better image quality on a CRT what are my options? Would this work with S-Vid? (I doubt it):


There is no signal conversion on that cable.

There is a notable difference between composite and S-Video.
S-video splits the video signal into luma (B&W) chroma (color).

Whats all the inputs you have on your CRT Display?


I know.

It’s not a PVM or arcade monitor or PC monitor or HDCRT. It’s just a Sony TV I got from goodwill for 7.99$. So you get S-Video.

I find it extremely strange that you can actually use a 3.5mm jack to composite video, and that this would be what the Pi is equipped with lol. Whatever. Honestly composite video is just fine, I’d prefer S-Video or better but whatever.

First off I just loaded Turtles in Time into lowly Mame (or whatever RetroPie uses, but I’m pretty sure it’s Mame), sounds great.

The Arcade version doesn’t just have better sound than the SNES port.
-Arcade version has fully voiced cutscenes, SNES has text bubbles
-All bosses have speech, midbosses too, and the turtles themselves. This is almost all cut in the SNES port.
-Arcade version has way better animation. SNES is very choppy by comparison.
-Arcade has bigger characters and enemies.
-Arcade is higher resolution
-Arcade has dozens of on screen enemies at a time. SNES has a character limit of just 4. You will never see more than 4 foot soldiers on screen, and if you get a mix of foot soldiers and mousers you will experience sprite flicker or slowdown or both.
-And the big tamale: Arcade is 4-PLAYER SIMULTANEOUS CO-OP!! Come on that’s the star of the show in games like this!
-Way more action. Even if you’re just doing 2-player, you will get 10 or more on screen enemies and awesome carnage that is what beatumups are all about. The SNES feels so slow and boring by comparison
-Real sprite scaling when throwing enemies
-Better graphics in spots like how the enemies explode
-Pizza Power intro song, cut from SNES
-Way beefier sound with punchy bass and awesome, toned down and muffled on SNES

Here’s what the SNES version has going for it:
-Stages are lengthened
-1 new stage (the technodrome) one slightly reworked stage (Sewer Surfin’ has a boss now) and 4 new bosses (BeBop and RockSteady on the pirate ship, Slash replacing the cement monster lol, Shredder in the Technodrome, Rat King in Sewer Surfing). This is awesome but does it make up for what the snes lacks otherwise?
-reworked gameplay. It’s not better or worse, just different. Specials now drain health and the way you hit enemies puts them into a longer stagger.

Arcade all the way and it’s not even close. It’s still a great port but that’s just how it was, Arcade machines had big roms and powerful hardware, home consoles especially not the SNES can compare to even the older Konami TMNT hardware.


Still that is a good find.


Yeah I’m very happy with it. You can find them at Salvation Army and most Good Wills, or on the side of the street sometimes lol.


I yet to find any at my local good will