Anyone run MAME on a Raspberry Pi 3?


Got me there. I must’ve had my memory of Arcade Turtles In Time tainted by that weird 2.5D remake a few years ago. Also, I could’ve swore there were more levels in the SNES version besides the technodrome. Time to replay lol. I remember back in my gradeschool days in the early 90s how shitty it was that more konami arcade ports never made it to the SNES (Simpsons and X-Men notably) and was absolutely floored when I got Turtles in Time in my grubby hands.


Cool new Pi 3 case for NES fans available on amazon. Looks a little better/cleaner than other efforts i’ve seen:


Does anyone have Spatter house on the raspberry pi? So far I have Concord everything I’ve wanted in roms except for this one specifically :confused:


Wrong place to ask for ROMs. EmuParadise is a good place to check out.


Whoops question came out wrong. Has anyone had success getting this Game to work for them? Which version of mame does this work on for you? If answer if yes


What version of MAME are you running? Are you sure that the ROM is compatible with that version of MAME?
If not you can run the ROM through Clrmamepro to bring it into spec to load. There are numerous guides online on how to use clrmamepro.


about RPi and CRT TV or Arcade monitors, maybe you could find interesting this tutorial (still w.i.p.) that I’m writing about getting (almost) pixel-perfect video modes on Raspberry Pi and AdvanceMAME.

One is Neogeo MV-1FZ, one RPi 3 (both on my Sony Trinitron):




Not sure how old this thread is but, i use Recalbox on my Pi 3 and run Mame Great! Pretty much anything 2D you can think of, including CPS3. Plus NeoGeo. But no 3D stuff like Rival Schools or Tekken (Recalbox does however, run PSOne to near perfection. So 3D arcade ports of those games are excellent).

Anyway, i love the Raspberry Pi! It’s like a Green Lantern ring. In the hands of the inexperienced and unimaginative, it’s not that great. But someone that knows how to get the most out of it? And you have an all-in-one retro powerhouse!

Also Recalbox > Retropie. All day. Everyday.

I have all the Splatterhouse games running perfect. On Arcade/Mame, Sega Genesis, TG-16, and NES.