Anyone seen this?*Sent Deconfirmed*



So anyone see this?


ok this is getting out of hand now


I think we need more threads on this, two isn’t nearly enough


No, I just believe it because I don’t want Sent, I rather not have sent or at least normal sent, I’d like Nimrod or Bastion but NOT SENT. So I like this news and hope it’s 100% true…


This is being discussed in the General Discussion thread on this page. There’s also a thread on this very subject TWO threads down.

Kindly go fuck yourself ( see? I can be nice )


My friend, not only is this being discussed in the general forum, but there is also a thread on the same page which is based on the same thing.

I understand the desire to relay new information, but please try to not clutter the forums anymore than nessisary.


I obviously didn’t see that now did I? now Kindly back up take your fist and FUCK YOURSELF with it…


ihatemodok should go back to h8in modok instead of useless threads
y havent these threads been moved/locked yet?


Because maybe everything isn’t just discussed in the gen. forum…


It’s also been disconfirmed that deconfirmed is in any English dictionary.


this. English is awesome!


No, its because they haven’t noticed it yet, let me help them out. Don’t think for a second that this thread was warranted.


ok everybody stop posting on this thread so Preppy can close it and infract him. Kthxbai


lol remember when Yatterman-2 wasn’t in TvC:UAS? good times.


I know that, just people recognize Deconfirmed and it’s dis-confirmed because English rocks(actually it’s a F***ing bastard child of a bunch of killers and drunks)


The point is that this did not warrant it’s own thread. This could have been discussed in General Discussion or Speculation topics. They are a sticky on the top of the page. Post it over there instead
However, if you continue to post like a 12 year old, just shut up and go to a site that your posting style fits.

(do i even have to post the link?)


But if it’s true it deserves it’s own topic, I don’t care where it could have been discussed because it’s a topic I wanted to post up, it’s up, deal. Also, why dose it matter how my posting style is? it’s a casual conversation not a business meeting, I simply asked if anyone seen this.


No it doesn’t. Threads are for ongoing discussion which this topic will not have. They are not for single lines of news.


No it doesn’t. Threads are for ongoing discussion which this topic will not have. They are not for single lines of news.


Yatterman 2 was disconfirmed for TvC too, and yeah, op just stop posting, you’re making yourself look silly.