Anyone selling a fight stick?

I’m in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex (i’d prefer a local seller but I don’t mind covering shipping)
Xbox 360 or one that is already converted will be fine

Looking for a MadCatz TE/Qanba Q3/4 i’m going to mod it so i’m not to worried about the graphics on the fightstick

What’s your budget?

Depends on the fight stick you’re selling total with my mods and everything i’m trying to stay around $150-$250

Im selling the hori soul calibur 5 stick all sanwa parts for 140 shipped only had bouy 15 hrs playtime on it.

Wish you were in NJ trying to get rid of a new soul stick locally no one on clist is interested happy hunting!

Possibly let me see if anyone else bites on the thread i’ll be in touch if I can’t find anything thanks for the reply

I’m selling a Qanba Q4RAF with a few custom parts, check my thread for pics. Message me if interested. Located in Louisiana, so shipping will only be about $20.

did you get that thing I sent you? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m selling two TE’s.
Let me know if you’re interested.

Too bad you’re not looking for a PS3 version b/c I’ve a TE rd 2 with MK panel & thinking about selling a HRAP V3-SA (hard to find red Arcana Heart 3 version). I’m local too!

if you’re from dfw, check this thread. it’s the dallas/ft worth thread. there’s a few people that are always trying to get rid of their sticks. not sure of the price, but they might be willing to let them go for a good deal

I found it thanks for the reply

Check out my sticks on my wts whaaat custom sticks

I found one thanks for all the replies

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