Anyone selling a spectator pass?


Just like the title says. I know competitor passes are non transferable, but I assume spectators are. I will pay a decent price for one. Hit me up on here. Thanks.


Evo passes are non-transferable…that would include spectator passes.
Good luck though.


What is required when you pick up your pass, ID to prove who you are?


Nobody has anything to sell you.
Badges are picked at the event’s venue the day of the event with an ID.
Nobody who isn’t going can sell you their pass.


Disappointing. Fri and Sat are cool, but Sunday is the whole reason for going.


stream monster room will be the most hype.


You’re going to have to go into the stream room with everyone else. There’s no pass or fee required there.


Where is the stream monster room?


Go outside the ballroom and its the next room over by the bathrooms