Anyone still here?

RIP Shoryuken forums 2000-2021

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I remember posting here when I was a sophomore in high school (15, 16 years old?) now I’m 35. SRK will always have a special place in my heart


Yuuup. My heart sinks every time I’m on here seeing the forums on the brink of destruction. I found my passion and my chosen family from this place!


Lots of good times and threads…even if they are at the expense of a few members here. Now SRK vs. other fourms…now that’s where the gold is at.

Still hangin in here. Sad to see what has befallen the place, but I’ll always have good memories. I was a gamefaqs scrub giving out trash advice circa 2005ish. Devil Jin was on there. He waslike nah stfu, go to SRK if you want to learn. Since then I’ve made lifelong friends from here, so it’ll always have a place in my heart. Fuq discord!(Also anyone got the SRK discord link).

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Holy crap! The forums are back. I thought for sure this place was on the verge of death, during the 6 months or so that it was in lock-down mode. On the other hand, being away for so long made me realize just how much of a toxic shit-hole this place was and, that i didn’t miss it much.

In the past, SRK was once this haven for discussing fighting game strategy. But for the past 5-6 years, SRK seriously lost it’s way and turned into the “elitist” version of Gamefaqs. Where small-cocked nerds everywhere looking to prove something, could show up and start fights with whomever for whatever. The glory days of SRK has surely passed.

i just made this account and i don’t think tht was a very good decision so far