Anyone still open?


Ok, it is hard finding case builders who are still OPEN. Anyone selling DIY cases?


B15sdm,souji5,VOLTECH,the cleaner,butteroj,valbjorn,The boys from FoeHammer,RonninWarrior,arthong to name a few off the top of my head…


By the way, Arthong sells full plexi DIY cases. They’re pretty sturdy from what I’ve seen but remember you’re working with plexi not wood or metal.

Might want to check out Arcade-In-A-Box. Some of their sticks look pretty decent. There’s also the Official MAS Systems arcade stick thread. I’ve been meaning to buy a case but stuff keeps coming up.


Don’t forget JINXZ, at, Ease of access same for FoeHammer@lizardlick.


Sounds like someone’s been using that BLOODY thread in marketplace that hasn’t been updated since my grandmother was in high school.


you are right. NEVER forget Jinxz. that guy can sure make sticks as well and his custom DIY are also very unique. Too many beers last night cause of MNF. thanks for the reminder Cammy


Thanks, I’ve been contacting them


Sorry but MNF? Also yes JinxZ Cases are smooth and the aluminum feet are a plus, If I’m not at an actual cab panel or the stick doesn’t have them or isn’t heavy, I’ll fling the stick across the room because I’m very rough.


Monday Night FOOTBALL


Ahhh, I don’t watch football
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