Anyone still play Hyper Fighting on XBL?

I’m a big Hyper Fighting fan who is getting a 360 this week. I was wondering if anyone still plays it since HD Remix came out, and since SF4 is coming out? Hyper Fighting is still my favorite incarnation of Street Fighter II.

Downloaded it after playing it on the Wii VC. both versions are horrible for me.

It’s fun in single player or local, but unfortunately the networking is so bad it’s unplayable against a lot of people online. HD Remix is so much better in that regard there is no reason to get Hyper.

Thanx for the input guys. I’ll c u online for HD Remix and SF4. My gametag will be: Albert7x

I’ll add you when I get my gold membership back.

I play HF all the time, I love the quarter matches.

Kool, kool. I’ll get it either way and try it out.

i do sometimes hit me up