Anyone Still Playing 12?


I definitely gave 12 the best chance I could, I was playing online matches that blew dinks just because the core game was so solid… but today I threw the disk in again and I couldn’t even find one other player. Is this game just toasted now? How many of you out there gave it a shot and then sold/filed it away? Even if this upcoming patch fixes things I definitely think SNK can at best hope to continue at niche existence… too bad since this game could have put them up front.


i still play non-stop… i rather play kofxii by myself than be forced to play games i don’t wanna play like sf or bb… luckily i’ve got 1 student and a few people around my area who has the game… but the patch can fix that problem for anyone…


Yeah I hear that, i’m definitely and equal fan of SF4 and KOFXII tho so I am definitely between 'em. I respect Blazblue a whole lot as well but I just don’t find it as much fun to play. I’m horrible at KOFXII because I am mostly just hitting versus matches with the computer but we should play since we are both in Toronto, i’m sure the connection should be good enough :-0
It would be nice if the patch could significantly revive the game… i just think that most people have abandoned ship already who would have added to the scene.

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since we both r in toronto we should try to set something up next weekend or so… my place is small but if someone has a big enough place then i think that should be good… creating an offline scene will definitely get kofxii some life… online is boring anyway…


i just bought the game and trying to learn how to play this game, i like it so far.


I play local with my roommates every once in a while, waiting on the patch to jump back in 4srs.


I’ve just been playing through training/singleplayer arcade mode trying out all the characters and getting used to the system. I’m not gonna bother searching for online opponents until the netcode improves.


My friends are too pussy to play new games unless everyone else is playing them. They read shit on the internet then talk the same shit a lot of internet fags who don’t know shit about videogames say. It’s like i’m stuck playing SF 4 and 98UM, which isn’t all that bad i guess.


I played arcade a few times then put it down. I’ll prolly play a bit more once they fix it all


i like my team so much that i just made a new avy… lol


still waiting for new patch, then i will play online.
this game is good, i like the fighting system and quite balance too.


had a few surprisingly playable fights just last night, actually. Yellowbar matches have been good enough lately that if the patch is any significant improvement on that, then I’m guaranteed to lose many an hour on this shit


10 player group currently playing as I type here in DE.


I’m taking a break from fighters in general. Hopefully by the time I get back into it, the patch will be out and I’ll commit to getting good at the game again.




The numbers of players/rooms have definitely decreased from 2 weeks ago, but basically a week from now the patch will be out so things will change. I try to play 4-5 times a week usually midnight to 3am onwards PST so that why I prolly never seen you guys around.

If I’ve played you before, let me know =)


I still play it off and on, but like everyone else I’m still waiting for the patch


ugrh… online… ya i guess i’m waiting for online to get better to play more people… funny thing is i have 1 guy around my area who i get almost perfect connection with… but i rarely play him… i don’t know maybe it’s just me… but i would rather play against people in person… weather it be in an arcade or at someones house… this stupid online plague is killing arcades and social gatherings…


I only picked it up because people in my area started playing. I really hope the online doesn’t fall through the cracks like MOTW


I play daily. I usually spend some time in training trying out some stuff and then create a room online and play the AI until someone joins. I usually get a steady stream of players after I play the AI for a game or two. My connections are generally good - I create the room for 2 players and my connection is wired. I do experience lag but it’s fairly infrequent.