Anyone still playing AE on the PC?


Not sure if this is the right place to post this but…

With the release of ultra on the PC right around the corner I was interested in loading it up and getting back into AE, getting some training in before ultra. But I could not find a single match online, is anyone else having this issue? Or has the PC fighting game been abandoned?

Just wondering if anyone has any input or experience. Thanks


Well I’ve been playing every day, been getting matches from 7:00pm-0:00am(gmt) np, recently there was a big influx of players thx to the sale from steam that were selling for 7.5€ unfortunately the games have been low in quality since most players are pretty weak right now and it seems the more skilled players have either stopped playing all together or moved bk to the consoles while ultra doesn’t come out on pc.

Also a lot of players right now have a problem with the area restrictions where even if u put “any” on the location search option it will only show players around you so if u live farther away from big playing areas it kind of sucks, mostly a problem for EU and Asia but oh well, I’m from Portugal and I only played with full green bars so the players that I used to play with still show for the most part, only the Scandinavian country’s have disappeared from view which sucks cause they usually have bad-ass connections and the games run very smoothly even tho their geographically farther away then say Holland or Belgium which I get a lot of variations in terms of connection.

Having said that the game has had it’s problems since it moved to steamworks, (which happened earlier in the week or late last week can’t recall) it’s been a bit laggy at times and plagued by stuff that we were used too but that rly isn’t there now (simple stuff like sending messages to players inside the game), the good news is that they’ve been patching the game so it will probably be all sorted in time for ultra in 2 months.

Anyway that’s about everything I have to say about the pc experience in terms of normal gameplay right now, they apparently put out a patch to solve the location restrictions earlier today but I’ll only be able to check in a couple of hours when I go home.

Steam: Ba[z]iK


It’s definitely not abandoned. It’s just been really rough finding a game/ getting a smooth match since the Steamworks transition.


I’ve been playing a little since ultra came out and steamworks was introduced and it seems the large majority of players still playing are european or asian. Out of maybe 1 canadian or american flag I see theres about 8-10 from all other countries. That being said there is a definitive input lag present online even against people of your own nation, to the point where some users (myself included) are reporting input lags of 7-10 frames (275-300ms). I would avoid playing it until a patch comes out addressing the connection and lag issues as it will only lead to immense frustration if you’re used to console play.




Yeah I’m playing!


There is already a very active thread with people discussing the migration to Steam. Please use it instead.