Anyone still playing burnout Paradise?

Yeah I’m a late comer to the ps3, but recently there was this wicked deal where you can own every DLC for only $20, which bought.

this awesome deal is out for an extremely limited time.

Big Surf Island, Time Saver, Toy Cars, Legendary Cars, Boost Specials, Cops and Robbers, Party Pack, a $67 value, for $20.

IT might just be an incentive for previous owners to get back into the game for a while, BSI’s got more cars to unlock.

Anyone still playing? i’ll probably be playing online this friday afternoon

That is a really good deal! I haven’t played on Paradise since last summer.

D’you still play? I’ve been doing challenges with friends as they all are so desperate for it. I’m looking for more people to play Cops and Robbers. Join me this friday evening. 8pm GMT-5.