Anyone Still Plays the Darkstalkers Games?

Just wondering because I just bought it for the psp and it just brings me back to when I used to play it when I was a kid, Anyone still plays this game!

I played 'em to death already

we need a sequel

oh wait it’s capcom we’re talking about

forget it

Yeah I always wanted a sequel to this game! It was and is One of my favorite games til today but yeah capcom just decided to let this series die!:sad:

Morrigan, Dimitri and Felicia are going to be in Cross Edge. If lots of people buy that game, then perhaps the series will get a revival.

I wish. It’s about as likely as Morrigan getting a new sprite.

there is another thread for this actually.

I hope ds4 is one of the games capcom will announce at e3.

I still play it readily, not all that ancy for a sequel.

why the hell did they just abuse morrigans sprite…

Just Started

I never played back in the day - but just got it for PSP. Its a lot of fun, but I’m not sure how well balanced it is.

there are already a few threads dedicated to the series in general. Try looking past the first page next time.

It’s one of the best balanced fighters you will ever play. Let’s please have this discussion again about how it’s awesome and why don’t people play it anymore.

Outside of Japan, you mean.

Yeah well I mean I still play it in Arcades, but you know, that’s all the convo would be is “why don’t people play this game anymore, it’s so awesome.”

I love darkstalkers
I had the psp one, but it’s only fun playing byself for so long. Makes NO SENSE why they released this on psp and not PS2. I’m sure I’d still play it all the time if they put this on ps2.

Anyway I would cry tears of joy if they did a new one. I’ve cried alot of tears of joy lately with HD remix, sf4 and now MvC2. Fighting game revival! Finally!

I remember playing a beta ver. at my local arcade. Last time I played it was Dark Stalkers 3 on PSone.

That was a beta version?

Well, there was a Vampire Darkstalkers Collection for the PS2 released…in Japan only.

Because 14 year olds can still potentially jerk off to it.

Yeah the local arcade I went to had a test model w/a paper label, I don’t think it had all the full cast yet & it wasn’t totally translated.

The arcade far I know was sponsored by Capcom & had quite a few odd japanese arcade games in the testing/localization phase before there official U.S. release.

Darkstalkers is a great underrated fighting game series, and Vampire Savior is one of my all time favorite fighting games.

I’m just seriously frustrated that Capcom refuses to release the Vampire Collection for the PS2 here in the U.S. I’ve been playing Darkstalkers 3 for the PSX, and I’ve been dying for an arcade perfect home port without having to import.

Capcom should take a cue from SNK and release more of their fighting game series as compilations, but this will never happen.

What I would of at least liked it’s if more darkstalkers characters were added to marvel vs capcom 2 they just seem that they would fit right, good characters would of been Hutzil I could see it taking on sentinel, Jadah, Demetri, Pyron, Hsien Ko I could just Imagine Hsien Running in the air while super jump and her supers are awesome and funny, -sigh- but I guess I got to just keep on dreaming or just watch mugen.