Anyone still use american stick?

am i the only one in here that still using american style joystick because every stick i saw posted in this forum is japanese style…anyone care to explain why it so popular these days?

Well, I can’t speak for others, but I like them because they don’t require as deep of a box. When you are making a custom stick, it’s nice to be able to make the case low profile.

daigo with the full parry…

i can do parry with my american stick too, and combos.

don’t tell me, tell the 3s playing weeaboos.

AND combos? I’ll buy the parry but I doubt you can do combos, thats just crazy.

i like how i can do moves with just my fingers utilizing the ball top. rather than using my forearm with an american stick.

I still use them. Because that’s what I grew up with. I think a big part of why players started to use them is that japanese players proved themselves to be better than american players. After trying the sticks out, they(american players) subjectively deemed them also to be more precise and what not.

I still can’t stand a square gate.

though i would say jap stick looks better and neater, but for control wise i still prefer american.

Doesn’t John Choi use an American Style stick?

Also, I figure Happ/IL parts are better for games like MvC2.

I could wrong on both accounts though :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s all preference, really…

i meant combos and parrying seperately, not combos right after parrying if that what you thinking…

i use american balltop

yea man, those square gate really frickin pissing me off, it feels clunky as hell…

Gameplay-wise, I don’t have a preference either way. I do like the smaller form-factor of Japanese parts, though. :rolleyes:

I’m sure he’s being sarcastic

Octagonal gates piss me off, feels loose as hell.

See how this works?

Well I’m new to the whole stick play, but when I was in Tokyo, I thought the control was waaay better on the sanwas. It’s like Ford v Toyota.
Just built better.

I use an american one as a doorstop. I used to think that I could never play on a japanese style stick but after I got used to it, I could NEVER go back.

I got my first Sanwa stick, feels weird…