Anyone think that airblocks ruined the alpha series?


Should they be brought back? Personally I think they made matches way too long.


I miss them, it would sure make some characters much easier to use as it would give players more options for defense.


hey guys do you remember the 90’s i remember the 90’s :shy:


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Please explain how air blocking makes Alpha matches “very long”.


I completely disagree. It forced Street Fighter to change and evolve. It allowed for a shift from old school to new school. I think with the addition of airblocks it completely changed the way the game worked. You had to find different ways to catch your opponent off guard and it made progressing/moving in the match a lot different because you could just jump in without taking a DP, TU, etc. to the face.
I guess I could also be biased because the Alpha series was when I REALLY started getting into Street Fighter because I was too young to know what I was doing in the original Street Fighter, SF2, etc.
I will admit the Alpha Series and the VS Series made me jump happy and thats hurting me right now in SF4. Because I just take a DP, TU, etc. to the face. :(… Its horrible because I know its coming, but because of force of habit I just keep wanting to do it.


activates CC on reaction to your s.RH


no i dont


why? it doesn’t exactly ruin AA because ground based attacks are still air unblockable. in fact, it added new possibilities like chicken blocking.


air to air block was a good concept. Because of normal sets in sf2, certain characters ALWAYS maintained air dominance because of it. Chun’s in ST beat a lot of normals air to air iirc. Been a while since I was on ST.

with the air block, the air to air game is now a yomi game. Allowing characters with bad air normals to actually gain space but block. This was one ingenious way of getting around set normals while providing balance. Since ground to airs were unblockable, they weren’t over powered. In fact in A2 if you blocked an air normal, you can be guard broken. Not quite sure how it worked in A3 since I’ve never played that game @ a decent level.


What is chicken blocking, new term to me.


this :coffee:

they only brought another type of gameplay imo, without altering the concept of sf, in fact, i believe that sf4 needs some sort of air blocking but meh i know that many fags wouldnt like it :looney:




I’ve never heard it before either but I’m guessing it’s when you jump at someone and just block in the air.


Yea it would mean that all fireball characters would not be near unstoppable for some charge characters. I really do think SF just needs more defense options across the board. People pick Shotos over other characters for very real reasons and the use of the fireball for zoning is definitely one of them. Incidentally Gouken can technically air block with his demon flip.


Slightly off topic, but what was the first game to feature air blocking? I can’t remember one before Alpha… anything else before this?


yeah chicken blocking is basically air blocking an attack close to the ground so you suffer less blockstun. can be dangerous, as mentioned before since if performed the wrong way, you can get guardbreaked and comboed.

btw, i think [media=youtube]z-JA252Yc18"[/media] was the first game with airblocking (came out in 1994), but it was kinda fucked up cause you could airguard anything. at least the airthrows were good. and dps were still good for beating jumpin attacks due to the invincibility.


Chun Li ruined the Alpha series.


Terrorists ruined the Alpha series.


If i remember correctly airguarding took chip damage in double dragon ?

Which lead to corner airblock infinites <-- dumbest thing ever.

[media=youtube]Dny_dZE_FB8[/media] :reference.