Anyone travelling to EVO via Greyhound

I have done some research on this matter, just in case anyone else is going to EVO 2003 via Greyhound, as I will be for numerous reasons. Anyways, There are 2 stations in which you could go to that are just 4 miles apart in distance from the station to Cal Poly. One is San Bernardino and the other is Anaheim. Anaheim to Cal Poly is 27.32 miles while San Bernardino is 31.41 miles, respectively. Having experienced taking Greyhounds before, I can honestly say it’s not really that bad. I have checked on their website about the ‘friendly’ fares, and some of them are very friendly. ALSO THERE ARE ALOT OF $15 FARES YOU CAN GET IF YOUR STATION IS 300 MILES OR LESS TO ANAHEIM OR SAN BERNARDINO. The only thing that is somewhat annoying is bus lay-overs, but you can also run into that problem with airlines as well. Not nearly as much with airlines, but they do happen at times. Also there is the car accident factor, and blah blah…we all know the stats relationship between car vs. plane accidents. Well, If I have reached a few people about this subject, check out this little chart about the prices…

If you pay AT LEAST 7 days in advance…
and you live 500 miles or less…your price would be $49.00 ONE WAY, ROUND TRIP IS DOUBLE! so $98 round trip.
501-800? $59 or $118
801-1200? $69, $138
1201-1600? $79, $158
1601-2000? $89, $178
2001-2400? $99, $198
2401-2800? $109, $218
>2800 (dunno who this would be) $119, $238

Also, having experience taking taxi’s from both Anaheim and San Bernardino, also including Riverside/Corona…I know what they will charge you. (DEPENDS ON THE DRIVER, but most will buy your sob stories.)

Anaheim to Cal Poly will cost you about $20
San Bernardino to Cal Poly will cost you about $25
Riverside to Cal Poly about $40-50
Corona to Cal Poly about TOO MUCH.

I hop this information helps anyone considering this route of travel.

Thank you for your time in reading this post.
Frank Bisesi

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Well, see you at EVO, take care.

Wow thanks for the advice. I was probably going to travel by plane but seeing how it’s so much cheaper(like $100) I’ll probably do greyhound.

Hello Nassim, what’s new? Yah, long time no see for alot of folks. Anyways, hope to see you at Evo. Will be a long lasting memory that’s for sure!


Shinobi00, From Vallejo, CA. to Anaheim via the ‘bus’ as we will call it…Is $35 one way or $70 round trip with a 7 day advance purchase. So that’s a little better than what you hope at $100. Hope this helps you out!


In one window I’m 20 seconds away from buying airline tickets, and in the other window is this post. Good timing. Thx.


Crank why am I so Pooor?! No EVO or Porsche 944? Argggg wish I could have saved up to make the trip with you frank. Deer travel at unopportune times of the night for me to be going 70mph and not hit them. Have fun, Represent Ohio and A-groove sak bison cammy and cammy sagat blanka. EEEUUUUU!!

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What happens if you pay 6 days in advance?

Cab from Anahiem to Pomona is only $20 each way?

TS when is your bus arriving? we can take the same buses and so we can split cab costs, hurry and respond I have to buy my ticket by sunday.

my bus arrives at anaheim abt 2:40pm thursday.

im greyhounding that shit

My bus gets there at 11:45, so that means I have to wait around for three hours. I’ll try and be sleep right at your gate. Look for the big fat black guy in the red hat.