Anyone Tried Painting the Black parks on the Madcatz TE sticks?

the wrist rest, is getting chipped due to letting people play with watches and what not…thinking of painting it…but anyone have experience with taking the thing apart? planning to go with all white

or would it just be better to gut the damned thing , and put it in a different case all together?

Um, check out the Painting your SE with Krylon Fusion thread. It has some ok info there. Keep in mind though, the thread has a major bias towards vinyl dye. You can paint your case, but you have to do it right which means cleaning prep, priming, coating, and clear coating properly.

sorry, shouldve clarified. Ive done painting on the SE before, its just matter of taking the TE apart…im not sure how troubling it is to seperate the sides from the main body

I think there’s just a few screws that hold the sides in right? Either way, I’m thinking of having a friend that works at a body shop paint one of mine.

It’s not too hard, but it takes a while, since you have to unscrew so much.

Ah, in that case, just start unscrewing everything you see. The sides do come off and so does the rim and all that. That should do it.

This guide details how to remove the sides of TE:

Just ignore parts for adding on the wooden sides.

If the plastic is damaged painting it won’t do much, you’re going to either need to apply some body filler (like Everglass) and smooth it out and/or sand it down.