Anyone tried S-video on crt in OE?

Up until today I played OE on a 29 inch crt via scart on ps3. I could definitely detect a couple of frames of lag and dropped some tight inputs couse of that. Also the screen was kind of jiterish and it hurt my eyes when playing for more than a hour. I went into display options and changed the output to s-video (note that ps3 outputs s-video through the scart cable).

After that I saw a definite improvement both picture quality and no more dropped inputs or frames. The moment I pressed a button the move came out.
So if anyone else has a problem with frames on the ps3 I suggest you try this.

Your scart cable is probably a bad composite one, not RGB. RGB should be way better than svideo.
Also, i don’t think video output, and particularly analog ones, can causes dropped inputs. Same for lag, but you may have this feeling due to really bad image quality of your scart cable.

It could be MS.

Could be. I also haven’t played console version in a while so I guess maybe its just placebo after seeing the better picture quality.

Yea I’ve also had one of those mock cables that were supposed to be a RGB cable, but really was outputting just composhit. Had to solder a coin cell battery onto it to get RGB signal lol.

multiple sclerosis?