Anyone use smaller ball tops? (and miniature arcade controls)


I’ve seen a couple of people preferring the LB-45 sizes, just wondering if there are folks out there who prefer having smaller ball tops? (LB-30)

And in a more general note, anyone ever tried making “mini sticks” I just don’t mean smaller cases, I mean even the buttons, obviously balltop, and if it exists, smaller joysticks (though i doubt there are smaller ones considering they all generally use the same standard microswitch sizes.

Things like Hori Compact sticks come to mind. If you wanna go smaller, those nano MegaDrive plug and play’s.


I’ve considered doing a miniature stick using either 24mm round bbuttons or those crazy Sanwa mahjong buttons (because squares are easy to lace adjacent). The part that always fucks me up is the joystick, which you’ve mentioned.

(As far as personal preference, the only smaller part on my main stick is my short JLF shaft. 45mm balltop. Gotta have big balls!)


I have a bigger ball (40mm) and a hollow extended shaft.


About a year and a half ago I made a series of mini stick cases. I don’t have time or desire to build these anymore.


What about taking a regular shaft and just cutting it and welding on a smaller shaft and ball. They look and a magnet sticks to them like they are stainless, is this correct? If so, you can weld stainless with a setaline torch or “blow torch” and a tiny stainless welding rod. Any one ever tried?



Holy shit, is that top one for sale? Whoa.


@rtdzign - ahh very interesting, exactly what I had in mind… I’ve never tried using 24mm Buttons myself, but it does look nice. Your schematics and area management give me an idea on how to approach mine… props!


It’s not for sale, that is my personal stick.


Damn, man, that shit is hot. Wish I had that kind of woodworking talent.