Anyone use the Hori PS3 controllers?


My latest logitech kinda’ died. I love the Logitech Dual Action controllers for PC, but they’re kinda’ hard to come by now. For whatever reason Logitech has been releasing a new model with a very shitty D-pad that rivals the 360 controller.](‘’)

The other problem with the Logitech’s is that they last about a year tops. This is with consistent play for about maybe an hour or two a day, every other day or so.

I was looking at the Hori and it looks decent. But I read the reviews and no one said anything about the D-pad so I have to be sure.

If I buy another Logitech Dual Action do they work well with the PS3?

For fighting games I’d go Hori Fighting Commander 3.

For general use I’d just use a DS3, has a nice dpad and is good for emulation.

Nah, I need 4 face buttons and 4 shoulder buttons. Controllers that have 6 face buttons and 2 shoulders have really stiff shoulder buttons. At least that was the case with my Madcatz pad, not to mention the stiff d-pad.