Anyone use the wooden doll?

i just want to know how helpful it is…thanks

i saw one at an art store for like… 30 books…wtf? i think you shoul stick with books unless someone tells you different

they’re pretty useless to me. Not that posable at all. you’re better off with a spiderman action figure, very well off actually. I think there’s a spiderman action figure with like 50 joints?

Yeah I never really found the wooden doll to be any use. The joints can only bend so far. The only use i found for it was to use it for cast shadowing reference. Really good for that.

Overall I give it a 4 out of 10.

Poser is the modern equivalent of that doll. Whenever I have a really difficult pose to work with, I make a Poser model to base it off of. It’s great at simulating a variety of perspective and multi-lightsource issues.

Like everyone else said, they’re not very flexible. I don’t recommend them :frowning: