Anyone use their thumbs with sticks?

I see alot of people who just use the index, middle and ring fingers when they’re playing on their sticks. When it comes to throwing or focusing I seldom see players use their thumbs? Why not? They were made to help your fingers for a reason and they help if you don’t have the fastest reactions.

I personally use my thumbs for lk and mk, although if I need to plink mk for a link I’ll use my index and middle finger.


God tier
Index Finger
High Tier
Middle Finger
Ring Finger
Shit Tier
Pinky Finger

I only use shit tier fingers out of necessity, but theres not many times it comes up.

I use my thumb for focus and throws.

Focus, throws and kara

Like others, I use my thumb for focus and throws. In ST, I use it to hit kicks after I piano a max out since it seems easier. I don’t seem to do this in SF4 because of plinking though. Then again, I learned to play stick always holding TAP so I used to hit kicks with the joints of my fingers for every character. I eventually stopped because I kept missing 3K inputs and it would be bothersome to play over long periods of time.

Sometimes use thumb for focus/throw, depends on where my other fingers are at. Always use thumb for the mk part of Gen’s mk hands, so I can piano the hands.

I keep my thumb on lk. Only time I move it is for focus, in which case it goes over to mk.

Anyone that plays GG or MB or BB is going to use thumbs I mean just look at the layout.




Designed for 1 finger per button, never need to move around your hand.

Since I learned these games first I use my thumb for LK, and MK a good bit.

Sometimes I use it for LK but later I will switch it to index

I use my thumb for the first, second, and fourth hits of the ROM infinite.