Anyone use this combo?

I’m a new comer to MvsC2 and just started playing a few weeks ago. Anyway, I haven’t seen this combo listed (maybe it’s out there and I haven’t seen it)

In the corner:

Call flaming zombie (wait til it’s about 1/5th ~ 1/4th a screen length out)-> d.hp, sj.lp, sj. lp, lp elbow tackle (1 hit), HET, lands on zombie (resets combo counter), j. lp elbow tackle (1 hit), j.HET

I haven’t been able to calculate damage or hits (my eyes aren’t fast enough) on it but it’s over 100… maybe up to 120ish.

This was done in practice mode on Cable with auto guard on.

It doesn’t seem very practical to me…

Yeah, combos that require the zombie to be in a certain place before starting them aren’t very useful in matches. They look nice in training mode though :slight_smile:

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the “betterthanme” combo video, you can probably find a link to it if you search the forums here. It’s got this crazy Jill combo with like 3 flaming zombies and 5 HETs, and it doesn’t reset. Again, useless in a match, but cool to watch nonetheless.