Anyone used one of these unbranded sticks?

I was thinking a while back about making a stick from scratch however I eventually scrapped the idea and decided to buy a cheaper one and replace some parts if the stick wasn`t to my liking- I was looking at this one-

Anyone used it before? Its manufactured by a company called gadgetasia and is called the “Pro Fighting Stick” its for use on PS2 PS3 and PC. It has a “Home” button for PS3 and LED indicators to show which player is connected. Even if its crap i wonder if it would be worth it to use as a modding base?

Nice layout. Looks risky. Doubt the buttons or stick will be quality. Heaven knows how it’s wired.

It’s a gamble, but it can’t be any worse than a Mayflash.

Nah, but 2 Germans ordered one. It’s worth a try I guess. I’ll post the opinions about the sticks in my own thread (I already opened one for this stick).

The buttons look a little squished. I wonder whether they use 30mm holes?
If not, that thing might be more trouble than it’s worth to mod…

Isn’t that just a re-branded Hori Soul Calibur 2 stick

Well, wtf, you’re right.

Ive ordered it now- looks a little better than the mayflash and salubi sticks although it is hard to tell from a picture. Ill let you know how it works when it arrives- Im no expert mind you but i know a good one from a bad. In my experience shipping usually takes about 7-9 days from china so now we play the waiting game...... Oh by the way im not sure if anyone can tell me just from the picture but how easy do you think it would be to remove red and white layout and put a custom one on with artwork?

more like cloned. there are many others like this one that are molded from the Soul Calibur 2 stick’s case. i’ve seen three clones in this country alone (GameFighter, fake tekken 5 stick, and a stick that has haohmaru art) and i saw like a dozen in Korea.

It’s probably gonna suck. it’s probably going to be just a little taller than SC2 sticks, though, meaning you can fit Seimitsu LS32s right in there without any case height problems.

well if its anywhere near the sc2 stick then it must be a good one, and prolly can gent sanwa/seimitsu parts in it too…

Thanks bafiaris…sounds positive. Well Ill let you know what my experience is when it gets here. Im not a professional player or anything(nowhere near that good) and am no expert but I owned an MVS/Jamma cabinet for a while so ive had some experience with a real arcade stick and buttons...not sure what parts were used but the stick was nice and flexible, not too tight and button inputs were nice and easy to pull off. Any problems and ill seek some advice on how to mod it…really looking forward to the postman`s arrival