Anyone used to collect Valiant Comics?

I just found some comics i totally forgot i even had. Majority of the comics were Valiants from their crazy ridiculous price days.

I do have some gems and looked up the prices and it’s the value is not that bad compared to where it was when i last checked. The gems in my collection? Solar #1 and Rai #0.

Anyone else used to collect? What did you do with your comics? I’m thinking mad ppl just threw them away after their collapse lol. i thought i did.

i really did like this universe from what i can remember. I always wanted to read Solar #0 after Wizard named it one of the best single comics ever. anyone have this?

:rofl: XO Manowar, Harbringers, Solar. I used to collect them but along with my old collection, they were lost. Now I have a new collection. Which reminds me: My comic book store has these old comics section. I’m gonna check there after next time after class.

Sorry but I don’t have Solar #0.

“Collect” is a strong word.

Bloodshot, Solar, Ninjak and XO Manowar. Wasn’t Turok part of the Valiant universe too?

I’ve gotten rid of a lot of them recently. The only one I kept was Solar #24 since Mike Mignola did the cover.

I have some of their Legend of Zelda and Captian N comics. Fun to reread now and then. :smile:

yeah Turok was apart of that. i think the most expensive Valiant book was Magnus #25 which had the first appearance of Turok.

I still remember buying like 5 copies of Turok #1 when it was first released thinking i would make mad money lol. i did the same thing with Bloodshot #1.

Never did, but I’m looking into buying some of Lapham’s stuff he did there.

I own most all pre-unity valiants and have a full run of Magnus

Fellow Valiant fans!

I collected Valiant comics. I was a little late getting there, arriving just after Unity - so the prices for some of the earlier issues had already climbed.

If you aren’t already aware of this there has been a community of Valiant fans in existence for quite some time now. valiantfans is actually the address of this community.

For those interested in the values of their old books, if you’ve missed it - there is now a new Valiant. So far it has only released one reprint Hardcover - with the first couple issues of harbinger. But they did commisiion a brand new story by Jim Shooter. The second hardcover will be coming out soon reprinting the earliest issues of X-O Manowar with a new story by Bob Layton.

Check out their new website to see what is going on…