Anyone used To play Street fighter 1

I know im a minority But i wish on one of the disk or on xbl or psn they would put street fighter 1 up, as a kid that and Snow bros was 2 of my favs until street fighter 2 came out !!!

There were 3 kinds of arcade machine i seen,One with buttons , another with a roll ball thing and another version with 2 big rubber things you punched !!!

Any of you ever rock the old sf 1?

I’ve never heard of the roller ball thing.
Street Fighter I is just not that good.
I would much rather play Yie-Ar Kung Fu.

That game was before my time when it comes to the Arcade scene. Never saw it there.

The only time I’ve played it was when it was released on the Capcom Collection game yrs ago.

Still one of the deepest games I ever played. Loved finishing guys like Geki and Eagle two seconds into the battle with the SRK.

yeah there was a ball thing you spun~ was just a weird game I liked alot for some reason

Thanks for that, i had the first collection for ps2 did not know they released a Vol 2 and it has SF1 …went and ordered a copy from amazon…Just a old guilty pleasure, now if i could ever find Snow BROs

I remember playing on the ones where you had to punch the big rubber ball thing. Good thing that gimmick didn’t catch on!