Anyone using Spotify

Just finished reading about this new P2P service on this article:

and was so interested in until I read that you need an invite in order to even try out the service, similar to Gmail a few years back. If anyone use this service and could possibly send me an invite, I’d really appreciate it. Hope to hear from someone soon and hope the article proves useful to other people out there.

Ruckus player is like this. Used it for a bit but just not for me.

Advertisements weren’t bad at all for Ruckus, and the licensed files (which could be removed through a series of steps) didn’t really bother me. Need 320kbps wav or flacs though

I use spotify but i’m afraid i don’t have any invites :(, it’s a great app though like youtube for music without buffering it’s instant all the time :slight_smile:

I’m also a happy spotify user, first I didnt see the point of it when I only listen to the songs I allready had as mp3. But now I realize how sweet it is. Just search for the artist you wanna listen to and you dont need to struggle with downloads and stuff. The only thing I miss is some kind of community part so that I can send recomendations to other spotify users and so on. And sorry I dont have any invites left.

Well if you know of anyone who can send one out I’d really appreciate it. And yeah it’s similar to youtube when I don’t have a song on Itunes I go there and listen to it and from what I’m reading there is amazing sound quality which is two things I’m lacking now with online playlist: Youtube has more variety but you sacrifice quality and with sites like you don’t really have the best library.

You don’t need an invite to use spotify anymore. This is a great application it needs more publicity.

Yeah so its open to all, go and download it for instant music gold :smiley: