Anyone wanna help with new custom


so i just recently got into sf4 because a Buddie of mine played it for his whole life and introduced me to fight stick play with it. i quickly fell in love with the game and trying to over come his greatness Ive recently saved up some money to finally invest in my own stick instead of using his lender i have gone with the Quamba q4 and would like to customize it with some awesome artwork, upon my first few weeks of playing i fell head over heels for Makoto’s fight-style and her sexy/aggressiveness and grown to love it even more over the past few months, Ive been trying to find some artwork that will justify how i feel about the character but alas i cannot so i come to u srk for hopeful help in making my first custom fight-stick awesome if someone knows of a good piece or could make one portraying her aggressive/sexy nature and photo shop in my Joemakoto name onto it somewhere for me to print i would love u forever i would even be willing to pay depending on artists quality or by need if necessary. if someone did wanna make something friend had a good idea about her doing a ex hiate as her clothes are ripping off in the midst that i thought sounded great i don’t mind nudity not needed but would not be frowned upon rely up to whoever helps me out here if u would like to discuss further with me my email is
ps. help a new street fighters dream come true ^,^


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For future reference - The STICK ART REQUEST Thread: READ THE OP!