Anyone wanna roll with us to EVO world?

Scrubkiller, Chucky and myself want to see who would like to come with us to EVO world. We are gonna rent a pretty good sized van or whatever to get us there but we figure the more people that come with us the less everyone will have to put in on gass, hotel etc. post here if you are interested. Lets all make it this year FOR REAL lol.


Count me in on that.

I might be interested.

i think the kornsta will be down!!!

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! i roll anywhere chucky rolls too.

cool. when i get a chance to talk with everyone and we cruch up some numbers ill hopefully get back to you guys.

I’m definitely interested, but I dunno what my schedule will be like until Fall semester starts. I’d have to get back to you, 'ram.

Me an phillllllllz. I was going to try and drive my shitty car all the way down there. This is much better.


i think cj’s still gonna roll with me too but ive been tryin to order a hotel and icant find anything. any luck with you guys?

Man im down if u still got room

DUUUUDEEEE fuck i wanna go to evo hella bad. how much Money does it take to go( including hotel,gas,food,etc.) i dont know if want to enter but so down to watch the intense MM and play tons Crack Hour matches.

:lol: I’m not sure if I’m going to Evo World but is there a Evo west thread b/c I think I can make that one for sure with my schedule now not so sure about world though b/c of classes.:sad:

let me know if you got room, pm if u got any questions

Im down if anybody needs more ppl.