Anyone want $10 for essentially nothing?

Alright, I guess I have no other choice:

My stick finally crapped out on me, as the down input is now genuinely having problems going through. I have a replacement, but it’s a seimitsu stick, and won’t fit in my HRAP (It’s the HRAP1 with the non-mirror top.)

So I’m looking to trade someone plates. If you have a HRAP with a mirror top, I’ll pay you $10 to swap plates with me. It makes no functional difference unless you’re trying to install a Seimitsu stick. Either way, I’ve got to get this taken care of before Evo.

I would say that you can send it up to me and I could fit the stick in for you, but I’m leaving in a few days, too.

If there is nothing else wrong with the stick and you are willing to keep the Sanwa stick, I can replace the circuit board for the stick. I’ve got like 3 old broken down Sanwa sticks, but their circuit boards and switches are fine. If you can bring the stick to me I’ll supply the spare circuit board AND do the work for $10.

I’m going to be downtown in the afternoon tomorrow, so if you can make it over to Mark’s I’ll do it then. Let me know.

Actually, I talked to Pat, and he’s willing to swap me plates friday. Thanks a lot, but the sanwa stick is kind of breaking down (losing sensitivity) and I’d rather just replace it outright (If I didn’t already have the part, I’d probably take you up on that).

Yeah, that’s what happens to them. That’s why I have a bunch of spare parts for them. One of the reasons I like seimitsu is that they don’t seem to break down like the sanwas. I’ve got one I’ve been using for about 8 months that’s as good as the day I got it. Yay for Seimitsu.

Get this one guy named Sammy (SP?) to fix it. He is a PROFESSIONAL at this kind of thing.

yeah but if you don’t want him to do it FUCK IT HE’S GOT 20 PEOPLE IN LINE!

Yeah! Screw you fuck off, if you guys are messing with me I don’t care! I got twenty people in line wanting stick… What??? you want japenese sticks? pff those are pieces of crap! Fuck off screw you! I got 20 people in line who want american sticks!!! lol I think thats a good sammy impression

Mrgh, so like, I’m basically retarded for not doing my homework on this one: Since I only ever opened up my stick to replace buttons before, I didn’t notice that the method by which the HRAP connects to its stick doesn’t actually work on the seimitsu stick I bought. I swapped plates with Pat still, though, so if anyone is knowledgable enough to completely rewire it, I’d still pay them to do it, and if $10 isn’t enough, we can negotiate price.

EDIT: Alright, so I’m now even more of the opinion that I should have checked this shit out beforehand. The stick I bought was a Seimitsu LS-32, whereas the one I should have bought was the LS-32-01, which is like, the same thing but slightly more expensive, but actually connects. Damn. If anyone has a use for this thing, I’d be willing to sell it off for significantly less than I bought it for, assuming it can’t be rewired to work.

EDIT 2: Okay, so apparently I can go with one of three solutions to actually make this work: 1: Unsolder the 5-pin connector on the HRAP and solder the wires to the connectors (Probably something I wouldn’t want to try myself, and if I did go with this solution, I’d ask whoever does it to make it reversible, since I’d probably want to use the 5-pin the next time I replace this thing, even if that’s like, a year from now.) 2: Make a harness of some kind (Preferrable). 3: Somehow find an LS-32-01 that could ship before wednesday. (Anyone know of like, an extemely fast or non-online store that stocks that part? Eheh.)

EDIT 3: Fatbear: If you know how to do any of this (Which I’m going to guess that you do), I’d be willing to pay for the work, and if it seems like it’d be worth more than $10 (I dunno much about soldering) then we can negotiate that.

If you ever come up to Preppy’s, I’m willing to do the work for free. I’ve got plenty of extra wire and solder to use up, if you’re willing to find the right parts/show up for Poker Night.

Hm… Is there one before Evo? The whole reason I can’t just go online and order an LS-32-01 (Which I could install no problem myself) is because it won’t get here in less than a week… So um…

Not that I know of. I suppose FatBear is your best bet. There are several stick makers at Evo this year, and ten times as many players still know how to fix things, many of which I guarantee will bring tools just in case. Personally, I find resoldering the easiest job to do, so I’m sure someone will help you out.